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by | August 06, 2018 | 16:01

The attack on James, who has been critical of Trump, came just as the National Basketball Association superstar opened up a school for underprivileged children. The 12th district has a higher percentage of people 25 and older with college degrees than any other district in the state, and Trump's popularity there has waned.

by | August 06, 2018 | 15:01

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos "is behind the attack", his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro said Saturday after a rally was rocked by explosions. Here is some of the reaction from countries around the world to Saturday's incident, which the Venezuelan government said left seven soldiers injured.

by | August 04, 2018 | 00:47

Bush administration as an associate White House counsel as a stall tactic. Republicans asked the National Archives and Records Administration last week if it could release thousands of documents relating to Kavanaugh's time in the White House Counsel's Office for Bush by August 15.

by | August 03, 2018 | 23:32

Let her go and turn yourself in. Anyone with information was encouraged to call Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa at 1-800-452-1111 or visit, where tips can be anonymously submitted. "We exist for the other ones, who for whatever reason would not come and communicate any information to the police, either because they are guilty of something themselves or maybe involved in a crime", Willey said.

by | August 03, 2018 | 01:22

Six people died after army troops opened fire on opposition protesters in Harare on Wednesday, according to police. The Commonwealth joined other election observers in urging Zimbabwe to release results of the presidential vote as soon as possible to reduce the tensions, saying delays will increase speculation that results were manipulated.

by | August 03, 2018 | 00:57

The basic idea behind making Mars habitable, also known as " terraforming ", is to release enough of the carbon dioxide trapped in the planet's surface to thicken the atmosphere, heating up the planet enough to keep water in a liquid state.

by | July 28, 2018 | 11:16

Our constant companion will also be at the farthest point on its orbit from Earth, making its movement across the sky slower from our perspective, thus spending longer in the dark. "If you want a close-up view of the moon as it turns red, a pair of binoculars is helpful", Royal Astronomical Society said. He said: "The moon passes into the shadow of the Earth, blocking the light from the sun ".

by | July 28, 2018 | 04:44

Wildfires throughout the state have burned through tinder-dry brush and forest, forced thousands to evacuate homes and caused campers to pack up their tents at the height of summer. The blaze has crossed the Sacramento River and now threatens hundreds of homes on the western fringes of the city of Redding (Picture: AP) 'There have been some injuries to civilians and firefighters.' (Picture: AP) Roads out of the city, which is home to 90,000 people, have been left jammed with motorists trying ...

by | July 26, 2018 | 22:00

THE SEARCH Jack said he was still away and didn't know anything was amiss the next morning , and he even sent her a message. "She might have a FitBit on and she might have her cellphone, but obviously we've tried just calling her". The Poweshiek County Sheriff's Department and the state department of criminal investigation provided no new information Sunday beyond " the search is still ongoing".

by | July 26, 2018 | 21:38

The Iran nuclear deal was signed between six countries in 2015 - Iran, US, Britain, Germany, Russia, France, and China- for lifting economic sanctions on Tehran in exchange for limitations to the country's nuclear programme. A high-ranking Iranian officer says President Donald Trump's warning of unprecedented "consequences" for Iran, should it threaten the United States, is nothing but "psychological warfare".

by | July 26, 2018 | 21:28

The announcement that Brunson would be moved from prison to house arrest comes as the State Department hosts a Ministerial to Advance International Religious Freedom. President Trump , in a tweet last week, called Turkey's prosecution of Brunson " a total disgrace ". Sam Brownback, ambassador-at-large for global religious freedom, referenced Brunson during his opening remarks on Tuesday.

by | July 26, 2018 | 19:24

Mr Trump has denied any affair took place. The recording of Cuomo was among them, the Journal reported , adding Cohen recorded his conversations with multiple reporters. "Denials and tweets in all caps do not make campaign finance violations go away", said Karen Hobert Flynn, president of Common Cause. That may explain why prosecutors did not follow typical Justice Department protocol to avoid subpoenaing news organizations when possible, and to give journalists advance warning when ...

by | July 25, 2018 | 23:12

He added that Trump "is letting the Iranian president know there's a new sheriff in town". President Donald Trump has said the USA is ready to make a "real deal" with Iran over its nuclear programme, days after he warned Tehran of historic consequences for threatening America.

by | July 23, 2018 | 23:56

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said earlier at a cabinet meeting that he would meet with Lavrov and Chief of the General Staff Army General Valery Gerasimov on Monday to discuss issues concerning the Syrian conflict. In a sign of high tensions, Israel launched two David's Sling interceptor missiles at rockets which the Israeli military later said fell inside Syrian territory and were part of the internal fighting there.

by | July 23, 2018 | 22:57

The particularly harsh language - even by Trump's standards - in the President's tweet surprised many Middle East watchers, including CNN military analyst Rick Francona. Iranian Americans typically express a range of views on U.S. policy towards Iran. Meanwhile, senior White House officials scrambled to excuse the President's latest outburst.

by | July 23, 2018 | 22:46

The Tampa Bay Times reported interviewing Rick Kelly, 31, who said that two months ago he was at the store and parked in the same handicapped spot. Surveillance video showed Drejka moments later being approached by Markeis McGlockton, Jacob's 28-year-old boyfriend, who was inside of the store shopping with their son, Markeis McGlockton Jr., 5.

by | July 23, 2018 | 21:33

He also said duck boat industry leaders and state leaders also never took enough action after the NTSB's recommendations in 2001. The NTSB's report on that accident found that roofs or canopies on duck boats greatly endanger passengers in the event of a sinking .

by | July 23, 2018 | 21:30

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has already said that the group claims to be a humanitarian NGO, but actually supports terrorists and covers up their crimes. "The lives of these people, who have saved lives, were now in danger". Jihadists are not party to these deals, and Russian planes bombarded a holdout of the Islamic State group in Daraa province overnight, a Britain-based war monitor said.

by | July 23, 2018 | 20:54

Now, let's pick this all apart and try to make sense of it. Trump's betrayal of the American intelligence services was a natural and necessary part of his campaign to discredit them, because he fears that they have or will discover evidence that links him to the Russian intervention in the US election.

by | July 21, 2018 | 22:16

The firm said it is not related to Shinil Group. The warship's identity was confirmed when one of the submersibles' crew read the name on its stern during an inspection. The funds may be used for joint Russian Federation and South Korean projects, such as a railroad connecting Russian Federation with Korea. He said the ship was "in remarkably good condition" considering the time it's been beneath the sea.

by | July 21, 2018 | 21:56

Interestingly, the astronomers believe that this is what happened in the past. The discovery , which was confirmed by observations made with several other telescopes, delighted other astronomers."I love this result", Jackie Faherty, an astronomer with the American Museum of Natural History in NY who was not part of the team, said in an email.

by | July 21, 2018 | 20:24

President Trump announced on Thursday that he's looking forward to a second meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin . "The Summit with Russian Federation was a great success , except with the real enemy of the people, the Fake News Media", Trump said.

by | July 21, 2018 | 18:52

The thunderstorm involved was part of a fast-moving complex that originated in Kansas and unleashed powerful winds all along its path. It followed up at 6:32 p.m. Two duck vehicles were on the lake and headed back to shore but only one made it. He called duck boats "death traps". Authorities said the captain of the boat did survive, the driver of the duck boat did not.

by | July 21, 2018 | 17:57

More than 130 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire since the protests started on March 30. A Palestinian uses a slingshot as Israeli forces use tear gas to disperse Palestinians taking part in the " Great March of Return " demonstration.

by | July 19, 2018 | 17:39

Town of Islip spokeswoman Caroline Smith says a 13-year-old boy was treated at a hospital for a bite on his leg. It happened around 11:24 Sailors' Haven beach and 11:28 Atlantique Beach, police said. Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo released a statement saying he had deployed DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos to lead a multi-agency investigation into the possible shark attacks.