Footage shows Julian Assange skateboarding inside embassy

Footage shows Julian Assange skateboarding inside embassy

But when you're Julian Assange, holed up inside an embassy for seven years, you're options are pretty limited.

Two far-left German MPs, Heike Hansel and Sevim Dagdelen of Die Linke, and a Spanish Green member of the European Parliament, Ana Miranda, had been due to meet their "friend" Assange in London's Ecuadoran embassy later on Monday.

Before evicting Assange, Moreno said he sought assurances from Britain that Assange would not "suffer torture, ill treatment or the death penalty" were he to be taken into custody or extradited to another country.

Assange was arrested by British authorities and dragged out of the embassy last Thursday after his seven-year asylum was revoked - paving the way for possible extradition to the United States, where he faces conspiracy to commit computer intrusion for aiding Chelsea Manning's leak of classified government documents.

Assange took refuge in the embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden in a sexual assault investigation.

In an interview published by The Guardian newspaper, Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno rejected claims that he had allowed for Assange's arrest as a reprisal for WikiLeaks purportedly leaking documents that sullied his name, including claims of secret bank accounts and hidden wealth. Sweden is considering reviving the investigation.

Moreno, who was less sympathetic to Assange's cause than his left-wing predecessor Rafael Correa, had requested that he limit his online political presence, stop riding his skateboard in the embassy hall's and clean up after his cat.

"We are faced with a humanitarian imperative now that Assange is in United Kingdom custody and a USA extradition request is out for him, after high ranking officials of the U.S. - including President Donald Trump - have threatened the publisher with death", said Miranda.

Ecuador's decision to allow police to arrest Assange inside its embassy last week followed a tense and acrimonious period of deteriorating relations between the Quito government and the house guest whom its foreign minister, José Valencia, described as ungrateful, rude and unhygienic.

He has not formally responded to the USA conspiracy charge.

Assange's lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, has denied the "outrageous" claims made by Ecuador about his behaviour at the embassy, including that he had to reminded to flush the toilet, didn't clean his dishes and left the cooker on. His indictment was made public hours after his Thursday arrest, but Assange's lawyers say he is a legitimate journalist whose prosecution would have a chilling effect. In the meantime, he is expected to seek prison medical care for severe shoulder pain and dental problems, WikiLeaks has said.

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