Doctors Discover Four Bees Living Under Woman's Eye, Feeding On Her Tears

Doctors Discover Four Bees Living Under Woman's Eye, Feeding On Her Tears

In what is described as a "world's first", doctors from Fooyin University Hospital in Taiwan managed to extract four bees from her eye socket.

"I was visiting and tidying a relative's grave with my family".

A Taiwanese woman being treated for an eye infection found out she actually had four bees living under her eyelid and feeding on her tear ducts, local reports said.

"After I pulled them out one by one, I discovered that surprisingly there were four bees", Doctor Hong Chi Ting told reporters. "They were still intact and all alive", he said.

The 29-year-old, identified only by her surname He by Taiwan's CTS news channel, said she had assumed that sand or dirt had flown into her eye when it became swollen, streamed with tears and she felt a stinging pain that would not subside when she washed it. Local media reported the woman said she was pulling weeds at the grave when something became stuck in her eye. Ms He has been discharged and is expected to make a full recovery.

Sweat bees range from less than one-fourth of an inch to three-fourths of an inch in length and are considered nonaggressive bees, according to Doctors say she could have also developed a fever and central nervous system, and may have needed to have the eye removed if she waited longer before seeking help. They most often nest in the ground.

The bees aren't typically aggressive and only give a minor sting when pressed against the skin.

Sweat bees feed off human perspiration. "If she did she could have induced the bees to produce venom ... she could have gone blind".

She was lucky that she did not rub her eyes, Hung added, as that would have squashed the bees and potentially blinded the eye.

The bees are still alive and have been sent to another organization so they can be studied. "This is the first time in Taiwan we've seen something like this".

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