What's better for Eagles: Cap space or Michael Bennett?

What's better for Eagles: Cap space or Michael Bennett?

Ansah's career has had plenty of ups-and-downs, as he has twice notched double-digit sacks - but those two seasons have been sandwiched by a year with two sacks and another with just four. The 31-year-old, who turns 32 on March 10, actually played a key role in the Patriots' Super Bowl LI victory over the Falcons.

Sources told ESPN and the Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday that the Eagles will send Bennett and a seventh-round pick in 2020 in exchange for the Patriots' fifth-round choice in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Bennett played five additional seasons in Seattle before spending one year with the Eagles. The Seahawks waived him the same year, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers claiming him two days later.

Even without the raise, Bennett was expected to count $7.2 million towards the cap in 2019.

Friday, Bennett addressed those rumors and something he said might now make it more likely that that the Eagles release him than trade him.

With that production still there, and with future paydays dwindling given his age, it's no surprise that Bennett has been vocal about wanting a raise before the start of the 2019 season. He would've led the team in sacks if he was on New England's roster in 2018.

Of course, Martellus didn't end up playing for the Patriots last season, either, and that's because the team cut him.

Naturally, people were quick to point to the Bennett trade and say that this spells the end of Trey Flowers The Patriot. The likelihood of Flowers remaining a Patriot just slimmed down tremendously. He has made comments that make it seem like he would prefer staying in New England. Who wants to help the rich get richer?

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