Tesla launches Supercharger V3 with '1000mi/hr' charge rate

Tesla launches Supercharger V3 with '1000mi/hr' charge rate

If that doesn't sound like the realization of a long-term plan to convince the world of the supremacy of electric vehicles, I don't know what would be.

Tesla adds that all its V2 Superchargers will be upgraded imminently, too, giving 145kW charge rates.

An upcoming update will "prewarm" Tesla vehicle batteries when a driver draws near to a Supercharger. Yes, you've guessed it - your Tesla will heat up its battery when you're navigating to a Supercharger station. Because this is just a software hack, the fix can be rolled out to the Model S and X as well.

Tesla, which proclaims to build world's largest grid-connected batteries, has developed new technology to increase the speed of the auto charging and with V3 Supercharger stations, Tesla customers, particularly owning Model 3-series will now be able to power up their cars at the peak rates of up to 250kW, meaning just 5 minutes of charging will be enough for the Model 3 Long Range to drive 75 miles (or 120.7 KMs). This will reduce the charging time by 25%. Combined with other improvements we're announcing today, V3 Supercharging will ultimately cut the amount of time customers spend charging by an average of 50%, as modeled on our fleet data. And though no commercially available battery now has the capacity, Tesla says the new Superchargers can theoretically restore 1,000 miles of range in an hour.

Tesla promises to halve charging time with V3 Supercharging
Tesla's V3 Supercharger cuts down charging times by half

While much of the enabling technology for this comes from the new cable design and a 1 megawatt Supercharger power cabinet, Tesla is updating the Model 3 as well to optimize itself pre-charge.

The good news for Tesla owners doesn't end there, though.

The first beta V3 Supercharger location is now open in the Bay Area, and Tesla says it will break ground on the first proper North American V3 Supercharger location next month, ramping up later this year.

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