Sajid Javid criticised after IS bride Shamima Begum's baby boy dies

Sajid Javid criticised after IS bride Shamima Begum's baby boy dies

Begum surfaced in a Syrian refugee camp following her escape from the collapsing ISIS "caliphate" and has pleaded to be allowed to return. He didn't provide further details.

"Begum, who fled London as a 15-year-old schoolgirl to join the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group, is believed to be entitled to Bangladeshi citizenship by virtue of her parents" heritage. She said she had already had two other children who died in infancy from malnutrition and illness.

Upon hearing the news, UK Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott slammed Sajid Javid for behaving "shamefully", saying that he was responsible for the boy's death.

Britain has revoked citizenship from two more women who joined the Islamic State group in Syria, a newspaper reported Sunday, raising questions about the fate of their children.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesman Mustefa Bali confirmed to AFP that the baby had since died, but declined to specify how or when it happened.

However, this looks unlikely as the Netherlands authorities have said that they will not assist their own nationals returning from fighting in Syria, so are unlikely to help a foreign national. "The government will continue to do whatever we can to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and traveling to unsafe conflict zones".

Begum initially showed little remorse about IS attacks, sparking public outrage in Britain.

Member of Parliament Diane Abbott of the Labour Party tweeted, "It is against global law to make someone stateless, and now an innocent child has died as a result of a British woman being stripped of her citizenship".

"If the British Government has stripped her of her nationality then another country should adopt her, any Muslim country", he told reporters at the Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden, south-west London, ahead of an annual peace conference.

The disclosure came amid a political row over the death of a 3-week-old baby whose teenage mother had been stripped of her British citizenship last month.

The letter asked Begum's family to make her aware of the decision and of her right to appeal.

The opposition Labour party said the move to leave an innocent child in a refugee camp, where infant mortality rates are high, was morally reprehensible. At one point, she told the BBC that although she was unhappy that innocent people had been killed, she thought the 2017 bombing of an arena in Manchester was "fair justification" in response to coalition airstrikes that have killed women and children in Syria.

For them the death of baby Jarrah is a tragedy.

"All children associated with (IS) are victims of the conflict and must be treated as such".

According to the BBC, the paramedic said the baby had been suffering from breathing difficulties and was taken to a doctor on Thursday morning.

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