Louis Vuitton pulls Michael Jackson-themed items from collection

Louis Vuitton pulls Michael Jackson-themed items from collection

Paris has remained relatively silent since the documentary's release, with sources saying she has not watched it, and her only response on Twitter has been to tell fans to chill out and not to jump to conclusions.

"This so-called "documentary" is just another rehash of dated and discredited allegations", their statement read.

The report states the following. Since Leaving Neverland first hit the airwaves, Paris' father Michael Jackson has become the subject of a reactionary movement aimed at muting his legacy and influence.

Law enforcement sources say she slit her wrists.

A number of radio stations from Australia to Canada have shelved Jackson's catalogue in light of the Leaving Neverland documentary.

Michael Jackson's nephew Taj Jackson and niece Brandi Jackson have been the most outspoken family members to speak publicly and defend Michael Jackson's name. The collection, which debuted in Paris in January, featured references to Michael Jackson's iconography.

Taj has made it clear that the renewed speculation into Michael Jackson's behavior and allegations he sexually abused Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck has been extremely hard for his family. The late singer's family has criticized the documentary, and his estate is suing HBO. The decision to pull the garments follows allegations of sexual abuse resurfaced by HBO's Leaving Neverland docuseries. "The victim was transported to a local hospital". Paris reportedly stands firm behind her late father and claims he's innocent. Do you believe they are true?

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