Louis-Style Bagel-Slicing Called a 'Class A Felony'

Louis-Style Bagel-Slicing Called a 'Class A Felony'

The bagel is sliced vertically - like a loaf of bread.

A majority of the responses have been not-so-welcoming to the idea. Schumer wrote in a tweet Wednesday, quoting the original post.

The NYPD's Chief of Detectives even weighed in, jokingly calling the odd the picture a crime that would never occur in NY.

There's also a large contingent of St. Louisans who have never heard of this supposed "secret" of the city.

. "And if its not, it should be".

However, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY wasn't buying it over the traditional horizontal slice. But the cut did not dissect the bagel into two.

St. Louis slices its bagels HOW?!

Jordan Peele only just released Us on Friday, but the horror that everyone on the internet is talking about right now is ... this image of sliced bagels.

Another St. Louis delicacy: Banana sandwiches.

We'll keep our horizontal bagels thank you. The Democrat tweeted, "St Louis, fuhgeddaboudit".

Any way you slice it, social media has become the place to debate - even how a person slices his bagel for consumption.

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