Jane Philpott: Trudeau crisis grows as minister resigns

Jane Philpott: Trudeau crisis grows as minister resigns

WSJ reports that polling since the scandal emerged indicates Trudeau and the Liberal government are bleeding support and the opposition Conservatives are holding a lead. She told parliamentary hearings last week that she no longer had confidence to sit around the cabinet table.

What are the charges against SNC-Lavalin?

Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair, now a prominent media commentator, has suggested that Trudeau erred in not publicly making a public case for SNC-Lavalin as a national asset worth preserving.

Instead, SNC-Lavalin bosses have asked for a "deferred prosecution agreement" which would mean they paid a fine as punishment but would avoid a criminal trial.

Wilson-Raybould herself resigned abruptly in February. Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Infrastructure Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne would not be resigning, their offices said.

The controversy surrounding corrupt dealings by SNC-Lavalin has received extensive coverage in the Quebec media since 2012.

Canadian prosecutors filed corruption and fraud charges against SNC-Lavalin, which employs 50,000 workers worldwide, in 2015 related to activity in Libya from 2001 to 2011. That challenge is ongoing. Attorneys general have to remain open to new facts and arguments.

Does he still believe he and others around the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister himself, have done no wrong?

November 5 and 19 - SNC-Lavalin meets with Mathieu Bouchard, another senior adviser in the Prime Minister's Office, to discuss "justice and law enforcement".

Opposition lawmakers have also been lining up behind the former cabinet minister. She was recognized as a hard-working though sometimes controversial health minister before being moved to Indigenous services and then treasury board in January. "And while I am disappointed, I understand her decision to step down and I want to thank her for her service".

Since the furor erupted a month ago, Trudeau has offered only general denials of any wrongdoing.

"He wouldn't allow the former Attorney General to speak freely, so we don't know her fully story".

February 11 - Ethics commissioner Mario Dion says he's beginning an investigation.

Philpott said she would continue as a Parliament member for Trudeau's Liberal Party.

However both Philpott and former Minster of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould have said they still intend to run as Liberals in the upcoming election.

But just a couple of weeks before, as a speaker at the House of Commons Speaker's annual Robbie Burns dinner, she showed her own ferocity. Under questioning she said she did not consider officials had broken any laws.

Teegee expressed his disappointment during a meeting with Trudeau in January, other First Nation leaders met with Trudeau in January, he said, "but perhaps now more than ever..." He says he told her he would not.

Will Trudeau be forced to resign?

She said she had received "veiled threats" and "hounding" from senior government officials close to the PM, who were pushing for a deferred prosecution agreement. "Trudeau the father had all these attributes", Bothwell said.

Following Philpott's resignation, Andrew Scheer took to Twitter, again calling for the prime minister's resignation.

Liberals hope Gerald Butts will give them ammunition to fight back against accusations of political interference in the justice system. The Privy Council clerk also challenges Wilson-Raybould's assertion that solicitor-client privilege prevents her from responding to allegations. The order specifically notes, however, that she can not speak publicly about communication she had with Kathleen Roussel, the director of public prosecutions.

Philpott said evidence of efforts by politicians and officials to pressure Wilson-Raybould to intervene in the SNC-Lavalin case had raised serious concerns. Trudeau says he rejects her characterization of events. Singh calls for a public inquiry into the scandal. "Nobody in government has done more to push reconciliation than Ms. Philpott".

Female cabinet ministers stuck up for the Liberals and Trudeau on Tuesday.

"The Treasury Board sets the parameters of how resources will be extended and how outcomes will be expected to be achieved", he said, adding the board "sometimes...puts so many blockages that you can't even do anything with these types of opportunities that come your way".

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