Jaguar attacks woman who "crossed over barrier" at zoo to take selfie

Jaguar attacks woman who

Officials from the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park replied to a woman who threatened to not return to the zoo if the female jaguar were to be put down stating, "She won't be put down".

A woman was attacked by a jaguar in Arizona on Saturday evening, after she crossed a barrier at a zoo in what authorities say was an attempt to take a selfie with the big cat.

"Wildlife World staff and administrators appreciate her honest apology and we look forward to welcoming her and her family back at a future date", the zoo said.

A spokeswoman said the injured visitor had returned to the facility and said she felt bad about the publicity it was getting.

Morcum added that the woman admitted fault in regards to the incident.

Video of the incident went viral over the weekend, forcing the zoo to issue a statement.

The jaguar left lacerations in the woman's arm, but her injuries were non-life-threatening.

"We can promise you nothing will happen to our jaguar". She was reportedly trying to take a selfie near the fence outside the jaguar enclosure when the animal reached out and attacked her, KPHO reported.

The zoo sent another message on Sunday, assuring the public that "nothing will happen to our jaguar", and adding that it's "not a wild animal's fault when barriers are crossed".

A jaguar that attacked a woman who posed outside its zoo enclosure in Arizona will not be put down, zoo officials said. The woman said she loves the zoo and "feels awful about the bad publicity the zoo is getting regarding the incident".

Wildlife World Zoo officials told social media users the jaguar "won't be put down" after a woman in her 30s suffered injuries to her arm following the Saturday incident. If it weren't for my mom's quick-thinking with the water bottle that Jaguar would not have let go of the poor girl's arm.

"She took her one paw off and grabbed the bottle with her mouth, but her other paw was stuck on the lady's shirt", said Michele Flores, who helped rescue her.

Wilkerson said he heard screams for help and didn't think when he ran to help the woman.

The zoo has temporarily removed the jaguar from exhibition.

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