Grasps for Brexit Repair in Final-Ditch Try to Get Deal

Grasps for Brexit Repair in Final-Ditch Try to Get Deal

The pursuit of alternative arrangements is a particular demand of eurosceptic lawmakers in May's party who strongly opposed her deal but have suggested they could be persuaded to back an amended agreement if the backstop was only temporary or Britain could exit it unilaterally.

"My conversations with senior diplomats and politicians from across Europe have given me cause for optimism that a breakthrough is near".

"The possibility that monetary tightening might be needed in the future does not necessarily mean we need to tighten now", Saunders said in a speech at Imperial College in London.

Last Friday Barnier said he was aware of "misgivings in Britain that the backstop could keep Britain forever connected to the European Union", but he was "ready to give further guarantees, assurances and clarifications that the backstop should only be temporary", which would be created to assuage some of the key worries from the government's more Eurosceptic MPs.

May has ruled out any such union which would be an anathema to eurosceptic MPs in her Conservative Party, although the idea has the support of some pro-EU Conservatives and the Labour Party.

She has promised MPs another vote on her deal by 12 March - and if that fails, she says MPs will get a vote on whether the United Kingdom should leave without a deal, and then, by 14 March, a vote on whether Brexit should be postponed for a short period.

As May seeks to win over MPs, a group of prominent Brexit rebels set out the changes they want to see to her agreement in return for their support: it must be legally binding, clear and set out an exit route. It could also destabilize Northern Ireland's peace process, which relies on an open border.

But asked whether the government would back no-deal in the vote scheduled for the following day if the agreement fails, he said: "Potentially all things are possible". If she can not, then the exit date is nearly certain to be delayed by lawmakers eager to avoid a potentially disorderly no-deal exit.

Toyota and Vauxhall have also threatened to leave the country if there's a no-deal Brexit. And there are a variety of views within the ERG itself, with some leading figures taking a more hardline approach than others.

Ministers are hoping Mr Cox can convince sceptic MPs that he has done enough to remove the threat of Britain ending up in the EU's Customs union indefinitely, something Brexit supporters say would make a mockery of the 2016 vote to leave the bloc.

Britain would scrap 80-90 percent of tariffs on imported goods if it leaves the European Union without a deal but would keep them on sensitive sectors such as cars, beef and lamb, broadcaster Sky News reported on Tuesday.

But EU leaders have also mooted a longer delay, even though that would risk interfering with European Parliament elections due in May.

He said: "This towns fund smacks of desperation from a Government reduced to bribing MPs to vote for their damaging flagship Brexit legislation".

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