Cheney criticized Trump foreign policy in closed-door event

Cheney criticized Trump foreign policy in closed-door event

Donald Trump Jr. mocked former Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday morning following reports that Cheney forcefully challenged the Trump administration's foreign policy during a private conversation with Vice President Mike Pence over the weekend. Mr Trump and Mr Cheney are seen unfavourably by more than 42 per cent of Americans.

Although Mr Pence referred to Mr Cheney as "as one of my favourite hawks" and told ABC, "I hold Dick Cheney in really high regard in his role as Vice President and as an American", his tone was a far cry from his earlier references to him as a role model.

Speaking with Vice President Mike Pence this weekend at a closed-door retreat hosted by the American Enterprise Institute in Sea Island, Georgia, Cheney warned that American allies were questioning the dependability of the a result of the Trump's public statements.

"I don't know, that sounded like a NY state real estate deal to me", Cheney said, adding that he worries Trump views foreign policy as a financial transaction, the Post noted.

"And regarding Trump's anti-NATO sentiments, the former vice president said they "[feed] this notion on the part of our allies overseas, especially in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, that we're not long for that continued relationship, that we're looking eagerly to find ways where somebody else will pick up the tab". A Pence spokesman confirmed to the Post that the discussion took place but didn't comment.

Pence reportedly appeared caught off guard by Cheney's pointed questions. Cheney reluctantly made the decision mostly to support his daughter, Liz Cheney, who was a Republican congressional candidate in Wyoming, according to Politico report in 2016.

The former vice president also hammered Trump's habit of announcing major policy decisions on Twitter and undermining intelligence officials. Cheney also anxious aloud to Pence that "we're getting into a situation when our friends and allies around the world that we depend upon are going to lack confidence in us" and then offered a blunt criticism of the current administration's response to foreign policy challenges. "We have a tremendous alliance there".

As for Trump's relationship with the intelligence community, the spokesperson said the Vice President told Cheney the President receives his daily briefing and takes into account the findings but ultimately makes policy decisions himself. Based in Washington, AEI has scholars who have advocated for a traditionally internationalist approach to foreign policy more in line with the traditional Cold War and post-Cold War approach of the Republican party. The event was marked off the record, but the Post claims to have obtained a transcript.

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