First Facebook, now Google’s internal iOS apps are blocked by Apple

First Facebook, now Google’s internal iOS apps are blocked by Apple

Apple says the level of access Facebook gained by using the app is a clear violation of Apple's developer guidelines, and confirms it was taken off the Apple store within hours of the story breaking. Instead, it was using the certification - which should only be used to create employee apps - to quietly make a consumer-accessible app, which circumvents Apple's standard review process. Facebook has been using their membership to distribute a data-collecting app to consumers, which is a clear breach of their agreement with Apple.

Apple has always been one of the most valued tech brands in the world but most probably see it as a smaller player when compared to the likes of Google, Microsoft, or even Facebook. Apple is hearing none of it as it shut down its internal apps such as early and beta versions of Google apps, including apps that are only used by Google employees such as the Gbus and café app. The company later resumed its functioning after restoring its enterprise certificate.

Google and Facebook rely on enterprise certificates to test the iPhone versions of the apps they are making. A bunch of iPhone and iPad users who have yet to upgrade to iOS 12 report that they are unable to connect to the App Store, Apple Music, and a variety of other Apple services.

Google's statement said the same thing: "We're working with Apple to fix a temporary disruption to some of our corporate iOS apps, which we expect will be resolved soon".

Facebook revealing they've been using an app, called "Facebook Research", to track the behavior of its users, many teenagers.

After the row with Facebook, Google was brought into the limelight too. The latter is a VPN app that gives Facebook users $20 a month in exchange for root access to participants' phones. Users of Android devices can side-load apps from outside the Google Play Store or other Android like the Amazon App Store or GetJar.

The news that Facebook had been paying money to young people to install a "research" application which monitors all of their network traffic broke earlier this week, and was followed by reports that Google was running a similar programme.

Both news outlets reported some Facebook employees blamed Apple for the snafu and thought of the suspension as an act of retaliation in the companies' ongoing feud.

With Apple blocking Facebook and Google's internal iOS apps, both companies must stop development of their apps for Apple's mobile platform. The company announced Thursday that that had happened.

Google and Apple have a lucrative business relationship worth billions of dollars a year, since Googles pays a commission for the ads that it sells as the built-in search engine on iPhones.

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