Warren plans Iowa trip in another step toward 2020 campaign

Warren plans Iowa trip in another step toward 2020 campaign

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Warren covered a range of issues, addressing questions from the audience on the future of the Democratic party, healthcare and immigration.

"You'd have to ask her psychiatrist", he said earlier this week when asked if Warren thought she could win. "I'm gonna get me a beer", leaving the frame, rattling about in her icebox, and then taking a big gulp from the bottle once she was back onscreen.

The attacks against Warren's ethnicity have circulated in conservative circles for some time, with many mocking her for allegedly being less Native American than she claims to be.

But this weekend's trip will be her first swing through Iowa since she stumped for a Senate candidate there in 2014 - making her a latecomer to the state following visits by possible presidential candidates including Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and a particularly buzzy speech by Cory Booker last fall.

Warren hasn't responded to the dig on her own Twitter account.

After announcing plans to explore a presidential bid in 2020 on Monday, Warren shared a live video on Instagram that showed her drinking the 95-calorie brew while cooking dinner.

Curiously, Warren claimed the results proved her Native American ancestry claims. I hope she does well. Bernie Sanders, and Emily Parcell, whose past campaign roles include political director for Barack Obama's winning 2008 Iowa caucus campaign.

Progressives who wanted to draft Warren to run for president in 2016 kicked off their campaign in the state.

"I don't know if it's important to get into arguments with the president".

Rospars is one of the most prominent digital strategists in the Democratic Party and is poised to be a significant asset to Warren heading into a primary season that is expected to be heavily defined online.

Through joint fundraising PACs like the Elizabeth Warren Fund, candidates can coordinate fundraising efforts with one another and other political action committees, allowing donors to contribute large amounts of money that the entities split.

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