US State Department Renews China Traveling Advisory Over Raised Diplomatic Tensions

US State Department Renews China Traveling Advisory Over Raised Diplomatic Tensions

Updating a travel advisory, the State Department maintained its previous guidance that Americans should "exercise increased caution" in China but stopped short of discouraging visits.

The Canadian federal government said on Thursday, that thirteen Canadian citizen - ten public figures, have been detained in China since December 2018, since Canada has arrested Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver at the request by the United States. They could also face "prolonged interrogations and extended detention for reasons related to "state security". "China strongly urges the Canadian side to immediately release the detained Huawei executive. or face grave consequences that the Canadian side should be held accountable for", the assistant minister, Le Yucheng, says in a statement.

Regarding a very slight number of foreigners suspected of violating laws and committing crimes in China, the Chinese authorities have always impartially handled cases in accordance with the law, and safeguarded their legal rights and interests, he added.

In November Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou was taken into custody at a Canadian airport on a U.S. arrest warrant for alleged banking fraud linked to illegal trading arrangements with Iran.

Washington has accused her of fraud for helping evade U.S. sanctions against Iran.

"The message from Global Affairs Canada was that it was better that we go than not go", Cooper said.

The Chinese government has only given vague details about the detention of the two Canadians, and it has not drawn a direct link to Meng's arrest.

As for the suggestion that Kovrig did anything to undermine China's national security, Malley said those accusations are false.

The advisory also noted that China does not recognise dual nationality, and "U.S".

In response, the Chinese government on Friday said that the U.S. travel warning did not hold up, citing the large number of Americans that visited the country a year ago.

"This outnumbers the proportion of Chinese people visiting the United States", Lu said.

The warning comes after China last month detained two Canadians on charges of activities that endanger China's security. Canadian consular officials saw them once each in mid-December. The next day, China's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying says the Canadian woman, Sarah McIver, received an administrative penalty for illegal employment. Since then two Canadian citizens have been detained by Chinese authorities, pending investigation.

He reiterated Canada's call for the release of the two men.

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