Huawei will launch its foldable-screen 5G smartphone at MWC

Huawei will launch its foldable-screen 5G smartphone at MWC

Vodafone Group Plc (VOD.O) suspended purchases of equipment from Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. for the core of its wireless networks in another setback to the Chinese supplier's growth ambitions. However, if it came to pass that Huawei equipment could not be used in its radio access networks - the towers and equipment for 4G and 5G networks - the impact would be huge.

Operators in Europe such as BT and Orange, have already removed Huawei's equipment or taken steps to limit its future use.

Against the backdrop of heightened political noise in Europe and wanting to make sure the industry is engaging in a fact-based discussion around this issue, Vodafone has made a decision to pause any new deployment of Huawei's 5G equipment in its "core" in Europe.

Vodafone will put on hold the rollout of Huawei equipment into its European core networks, including in the United Kingdom, until governments and security services clarify whether that equipment will be able to be used or whether there will be restrictions on using that technology.

"Huawei is focused on supporting Vodafone's 5G network rollouts, of which the core is a small proportion".

Carriers are becoming wary of expanding their ties to Huawei amid a USA -led crackdown on the largest telecom-equipment supplier. Huawei has denied the allegations.

Vodafone said competition in the Spanish and Italian markets had moderated through the quarter.

Huawei's consumer division chief Richard Yu told reporters in Beijing on January 23rd, 2019 that current tensions - including a potential presidential executive order banning the company from selling telecom equipment in the US - ultimately won't harm the company.

Mr Yu, who launched Huawei's new 5G modem chipset on Thursday (Jan 24), was also bullish on the tech giant achieving smartphone supremacy - with its own technology - as early as this year. Both companies manufacture in China and do business with carriers in the country. The CEO of one of Ericsson's largest shareholders, Investor AB, Johan Forssell, said he's been following the rising number of bans imposed on Huawei.

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