A possible Dolphins QB prospect is reportedly entering the NFL Draft

A possible Dolphins QB prospect is reportedly entering the NFL Draft

Earlier on Wednesday, the Chronicle reported Murray would not play both sports due to the demands on an National Football League quarterback.

The San Francisco Chronicle is carrying the story that claims Athletics officials believe Murray does intend to declare for the draft on Sunday. While declaring doesn't guarantee Murray will play baseball instead of football, but it certainly increases that chance.

Should he elect to play football over baseball, Murray would forfeit the entire $4.66-million signing bonus he received after the Athletics drafted him ninth overall this past June.

Thursday morning and floated the possibility of the Cardinals actually trading Rosen and selecting Kyler Murray. Boras has been steadfast that Murray will be play baseball now that Oklahoma's football season is over. Oklahoma lost to Alabama in the semifinals. Should Murray go that route rather than pursuing his career as an outfielder in the Athletics organization, the A's would get his $4.66MM signing bonus back, but they wouldn't receive a compensatory selection in the 2019 draft.

She adds that another revealing sign could come on February 15 when Murray and the rest of the A's position players are due at spring training. Unless he's training for the NFL Scouting Combine, of course. The history of 5-foot-10 quarterbacks who turn into stars at the pro level isn't is pretty short. He will also need to put on some healthy weight as 195 pounds is certainly not big enough for an National Football League quarterback. That reality, as noted by Baseball America's Teddy Cahill at the time (Twitter link), made the selection of Murray one of the riskier draft picks in recent memory. Don't be surprised if the Dolphins were to target him, despite Murray being vertically challenged and small in terms of quarterbacks.

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