Wilder, Fury draw in epic heavyweight showdown

Wilder, Fury draw in epic heavyweight showdown

"I was too hesitant", Wilder said. From our side we want that undisputed fight ASAP and that's Deontay Wilder in April 13 at Wembley.

Fury, who won the unified world title from Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 only to lose his belts as he battled depression, alcohol and drug problems, was equally baffled.

While many believed Fury should have had his hands raised in victory, Robert Tapper had Wilder up by the score of 114-112, while Alejandro Rochin tabbed Fury by the tally of 115-111 and Phil Edwards had it dead even at 113-113.

Fury responded admirably to a big step up in competition after a 2-1/2 year ring absence and two warmup bouts, but Wilder got him in just enough trouble to earn a draw. "The world knows I won the fight", said Fury, in the immediate aftermath of his effort.

"With the two knockdowns I definitely won the fight", said the American.

Lennox Lewis, former world heavyweight champion, said Fury was the clear victor of the bout, empathising with the "Gypsy King" as he referenced his own fight with Evander Holyfield that ended in a controversial draw back in 1999.

"I should have won the fight but I'm not going to complain".

Wilder managed to knock down Fury twice during the fight, once in the final round.

During the twelfth and final round between long-out-of-the-game Tyson Fury and now undefeated Deontay Wilder, Fury was dealt a vicious combination of blows, culminating in a hook that initially seemed to knock him out cold. But Fury just beat the count and survived the round as a crowd of 17,698 roared its approval.

In terms of the jab, Fury connected with 46 of his 223 attempts, compared to 40 of 248 by his opponent and in power shots, it was 38 from 104 for the Gypsy King, compared with 31 out of 182 for the reigning champion.

Fury also said he hopes to arrange a rematch. I don't know what fight he was watching.

As the count of Jack Reiss, the referee, reached five, Fury seemed to wake up. "That's what we proved tonight, and I'm ready to do it again".

As Tyson Fury lay flat on his back, staring at the roof of the Staples Center in the twelfth round, he looked dead to the world. "We defended a little better than in the last match, of course".

"None were like Fury when it came to publicity and generating news stories and none were like Wilder when it came to finding punches and dropping people". I was forcing my punches too much instead of sitting back, being patient and waiting it.

The opening rounds were to Fury's liking. However, like in the 12th round, Fury recovered quickly and began to land punches again on the champion.

This pairing of heavyweights, who's size was only dwarfed by their colorful personalities, was one that for the most part was controlled by the strategic boxing of Fury, 27, who for long stretches put on a masterclass exhibition of boxing. Fury, after cracking the WBC champion, continued with his ducking and dodging in the second round before Wilder cracked him with a shot on the chin right before the bell. He got up and withstood Wilder's assault to try to end the fight. Fury finished on his toes.

But even though he did not win, his comeback from the depths of addiction, mental illness and despair remains something to behold, as he and Wilder gave the fans a memorable, tension-filled fight.

Wilder also sent Fury to the floor in the ninth round with a right hand behind the ear and a short left hook. Fury crumbled onto his back, completely out.

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