Seven new HIV cases reported this year

Seven new HIV cases reported this year

However, about 9.4 million people did not know that they were living with HIV. South Africa is known to be one of the African countries with a high prevalence rate of the disease.

The Brighton Kemptown MP is the second ever MP to openly disclose he is living with the virus. Etched into much of the public's memory as a death sentence, HIV conjures images of gravestones and a life marked by tragedy. And people who are HIV Positive and have access to treatment can now be sure that they will remain healthy and that their partners are protected.

More than 77 million people around the world have become infected with HIV since the epidemic emerged in the 1980s, according to UNAIDS.

He shared that he's now "HIV positive undetectable".

A Kurdish health official on Saturday announced that, in the past 11 months, six individuals from the Kurdistan Region have contracted the HIV virus and over 20 foreigners deported after testing positive for the deadly disease.

On the stigma surrounding HIV, Russell-Moyle added: "Of course there are low level elements of stigma in every day life, in terms of just lack of knowledge, people reacting with guttural reaction".

Additionally, the Government of Saskatchewan has an interactive map of places where you can get tested for HIV: Targeting the people most susceptible to HIV risk means taking responsive actions to make it easy for the ones, who are infected but unaware of it, to get to know their status and access treatment, thus starting to work towards suppressing their viral load.

The public outcry over He's experiment has drawn attention to the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic in China, which has seen a drastic surge in new cases in recent years. It is also crucial to achieving the 90-90-90 targets. In 2017, over 3,000 college students tested positive, many of them (81.8%) acquiring the virus through same sex relations. DAPP Namibia has been running TCE programme for more than 10 years reaching 1.4 million Namibians as a result. "As the Bullet, Bible, and Beef Caucuses* gain space in Congress-turning the parliament into the most conservative of democratic times-a regressive agenda of sexuality and gender has been put forward, leading to the reduction of programs focused on men who have sex with other men".

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