Parrot Used Alexa to Order Snacks from Amazon

Parrot Used Alexa to Order Snacks from Amazon

Before his accidental online shopping habit, Rocco the African Gray parrot was put up for adoption by the National Animal WelfaTrust sanctuary because it feared his swearing would scare visitors, the Daily Mail reported on December 14.

Marion Wischnewski, who works at the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary in Berkshire, said she brought Rocco to live in her home in Oxfordshire when officials became concerned about the bird's use of profanity in front of visitors.

This robust skillset didn't pass her Amazon Echo smart speaker, too, and Rocco has been asking Alexa to play music or tell him jokes, the most mischievous undertaking is ordering stuff on Amazon.

According to a recent report in the DailyMail, an African grey parrot, Rocco, be-friended Amazon's voice-assistant Alexa and accidentally placed multiple orders for items online.

The African Gray is a highly intelligent bird known for its ability to mimic words and sounds. "Often I come in and there's music playing", Wischnewski told DailyMail.

"He can do the ice cream van in the summer, and a truck reversing so loud you think it's in your living room", Wischnewski narrated. But Rocco's relationship to Alexa is not only limited to shopping. Rocco was subsequently placed under the care of a NAWT employee named Marion Wischnewski whereupon he quickly started activating Alexa. "Then I have to check the shopping list and cancel all the items he's ordered".

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