Nation Pauses Wednesday to Mourn Former US President George H.W. Bush

Nation Pauses Wednesday to Mourn Former US President George H.W. Bush

"He was preceded in death by his wife of 73 years, Barbara; his second child Pauline "Robin" Bush; and his brothers Prescott and William or "Bucky" Bush".

Former President George H.W. Bush's casket is traveling from Houston, Bush's hometown, to Washington, DC on Monday to lie in state in the United States Capitol.

The federal government will also be closed Wednesday.

Sully H.W. Bush, a well trained yellow Labrador service dog, had been working with the former president for approximately seven months following the passing of Bush's wife Barbara last April.

Other observers have pointed to Mr Bush's "mixed" legacy on combatting the AIDS crisis, which by the end of his first term, claimed around 133,000 lives that were overwhelmingly those of gay men.

All eyes will be on the row directly in front of the pulpit.

Mr Trump did not attend, but he and the first lady came to the Capitol later on Monday to pay tribute.

Trump is scheduled to be at Bush's ceremony, however, and has publicly praised his predecessor since his death despite some past criticism.

Even without President Donald Trump giving fresh fuel to those comparisons, they led to at least one angry television confrontation Monday on ABC's "The View". Also attending: one king (Jordan), one queen (Jordan), two princes (Britain, Bahrain), Germany's chancellor and Poland's president, among representatives of more than a dozen countries. Look, too, for some of the graybeards from the late president's administration. "I don't think it's going to be about Trump", a former Bush associate told Politico.

For the former, longtime Channel 2 anchor it capped a friendship with the Bush family that began almost three decades ago.

A USA president is believed to have said the easiest way to find a friend in Washington was to get a dog.

On Sept. 29, 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt laid the foundation stone. He used a wheelchair in his final years.

Since it was built, the 4141 George Bush locomotive has delivered shipments across all 23 states served by Union Pacific, the company said. His funeral will bring together world envoys, the four remaining ex-presidents and President Donald Trump. The others were Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.

Although Bush's funeral services are suffused with the flourishes accorded presidents, by his choice they will not include a formal funeral procession through downtown Washington.

See more details of the 41st president's funeral and memorial arrangements here. A nine-person team that carries the casket is another option. Military artillery fired the salute, and servicemen carried the casket to the plane. Alan Simpson, who became a close friend to Bush, and presidential historian Jon Meacham, the late president's biographer. In August, the late GOP Sen. Trump spent the day playing golf.

Thursday, 6 December, 11 am: Funeral service at St. Martin's Episcopal Church.

Bush died Friday night at his Houston home at the age of 94.

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