Mueller says Michael Flynn should not get jail time, cites 'substantial assistance'

Mueller says Michael Flynn should not get jail time, cites 'substantial assistance'

He threw tantalizing new bait to Russia-gate adepts late Tuesday when he recommended to a court that Trump´s former national security advisor Michael Flynn, who had lied to investigators about his own Russian Federation contacts, be let off without any jail time.

An addendum to the memorandum was heavily redacted, suggesting that Flynn not only aided Mueller but also other federal criminal investigations not yet public.

Last year, Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about communications he had with a Russian official about sanctions during the presidential transition, and Flynn has since been cooperating with Mueller's probe.

US President Donald Trump on Monday called for a "full and complete" sentence for his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

In Tuesday's court filing, Federal prosecutors said the fact Flynn did not reveal his business links to Turkey was made worse by his role as "a national security adviser and surrogate for the Trump campaign who opined publicly on foreign policy and national security issues".

U.S. intelligence agencies have claimed that Russian Federation was the source of hacked material released by WikiLeaks, an organization that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified information provided by anonymous sources, in the weeks ahead of the 2016 election that damaged the campaign of Hillary Clinton, then Democratic candidate for presidency.

Trump has described Mueller's probe as a political witch hunt and Russian Federation denies interfering in the election.

"Nice to know that some people still have 'guts!' " Trump wrote.

The memo also states that Michael Flynn took part in 19 interviews and has cooperated in multiple investigations, including at least one criminal investigation.

Several lawyers said Trump's tweet amounted to witness tampering.

The government notes that Flynn "falsely stated that he did not ask the Russian ambassador to refrain from escalating the situation in response to the sanctions" and further, "falsely disclaimed any memory" of his subsequent conversation with Kislyak, in which Kislak told Flynn that Russia had complied with Flynn's request.

The new details explaining how Flynn has helped the special counsel investigation will ratchet up the pressure on President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly attacked the Mueller probe as a "witch hunt".

Mueller's office said Flynn's cooperation merits a sentence at the bottom end of that range.

Last week, Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about his work on the proposed Trump Tower Moscow during the 2016 campaign and prosecutors accused former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort of violating his cooperation agreement by lying to the special counsel.

Cohen and his attorneys also cited the payments he made to women who allegedly had affairs with Trump, strongly implying in their filing that President Trump is the person referred to as "Client-1"- which had widely been assumed.

Mueller's office has had varied degrees of success with the level of cooperation it has received from defendants who have pleaded guilty.

"'Michael Cohen asks judge for no Prison Time'".

Trump accused Cohen of fabricating stories about his Russian Federation dealings to minimise his sentence on multiple counts of tax evasion, financial fraud and campaign finance violations that he has admitted in federal court in NY.

Not only did he draw notice to how soon into the investigation he agreed to cooperate, but he also pointed out how valuable his cooperation has been.

According to Trump, Cohen seeks to avoid being sent to prison for the misdeeds he committed - unrelated to the current United States president, of course - and is simply making up "stories" in order to make a deal with the court.

Many Twitter users however took a dim view of Trump's rhetoric, pointing out that Cohen was known as Trump's "fixer", and appearing reluctant to believe that Cohen's alleged misdeeds weren't related to Trump.

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