Elon Musk Is Real Pissed He Can't Just Tweet Whatever Anymore

Elon Musk Is Real Pissed He Can't Just Tweet Whatever Anymore

"And I can just call for a shareholder vote and get anything done that I want", Musk said.

Musk owns about 20 percent of Tesla.

"We can confirm the settlement is being complied with", a Tesla spokesperson commented the SEC settlement in an email.

According to the settlement with the SEC, Tesla has until December 28 to put in place procedures to review any of Musk's communications that could contain material information. There's no option.Musk on the charges of abusive conditions at Tesla factories:Well, it's important to emphasize that there's been an aggressive campaign by the UAW to absolutely attack Tesla with a load of nonsense in-in order to try to unionize the company.

Again, you can watch the entire interview over at CBS News, though the only part of the conversation where Musk seems like a normal human being is the very end when he talks about Tesla's broader mission to make electric cars mainstream.

"I guess we might make some mistakes", he says.

In October, the agency settled a lawsuit with Musk that stemmed from an August tweet where he floated the possibility of taking Tesla private.

Denholm's appointment in November drew a mixed response from corporate governance experts, who praised her financial expertise but questioned her ability to carve out an independent path for a board that has been dominated by Musk.

Tesla announced the availability of a "midrange" Model 3 in October; the company is also working to boost production ahead of wider availability overseas, which could help Tesla sustain profit margins because the model will sell at a higher price abroad.

Musk said "it's not realistic" to see Denholm as watching over him, because of his large shareholder stake.

In a newly released interview with CBS, he told reporter Lesley Stahl that he "preferred" not having a title but added that his tweets were still unsupervised. He was forced to resign as chairman but allowed to remain CEO. "But the system would have failed if I was truly erratic", Musk said. (Barron's Avi Salzman made that point back in early November.) Musk also said it is "possible" that he might look to take on manufacturing capacity vacated by other auto makers as they pull back. That is the price of the vehicle Tesla originally promised would be an electric sedan for the masses when it was first unveiled in March 2016.

Another issue for Musk buying the GM plants is he's had problems retrofitting the old Nummi plant in California to his needs.

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