Clinton Accuses Trump of Helping to Cover-up Khashoggi Murder

Clinton Accuses Trump of Helping to Cover-up Khashoggi Murder

The CIA reportedly has said it had "high confidence" the crown prince ordered the murder.

Saudi Arabia's crown prince arrived in Argentina on Wednesday - two days before the summit begins - appearing to cut short a visit to other Arab countries en route to South America.

Modi invited Saudi Arabia to join the initiative of the International Solar Energy Federation and the crown prince announced the Kingdom's acceptance of the invitation.

The Tunisian president decorated the Crown Prince with the Order of the Republic. "The case is in the hands of the court and the government will not interfere with it", the spokesperson said. In terms of our work with our allies to seek a coordinated response.

The vote on Wednesday was a rebuke not only to Saudi Arabia but also to Trump's administration, which has made clear it does not want to torpedo the long-standing USA relationship with Riyadh over the killing.

"We believe that in naming people and in saying in the view of the government of Canada that someone is responsible for something so serious and so odious, it's very important to gather all the facts. And of course Saudi Arabia is absolutely crucial for that goal, and I'm ready to discuss it with the crown prince or with any other Saudi officials because I believe it is a very important objective at the present moment", Guterres told reporters. "It's our belief. that when there's a vacuum of leadership that someone steps up and makes sure that the community knows that this is something that we take seriously".

Freeland would not say whether Canadians will speak with Saudis during the meeting of the world's top economic leaders in Buenos Aires. Macron said Thursday they had a "continuous dialogue" in person or by phone, including on topics of disagreement like climate and trade.

If the Sanders-Lee resolution does not pass, Corker said he could see members of the Appropriations State-Foreign Operations Subcommittee adding language regarding Saudi Arabia and Khashoggi to the final fiscal 2019 foreign aid spending bill. Saudi Arabia remained indifferent to calls from the global community, the increasing humanitarian price of the war and the fact that the battle would remain futile.

The five people who were recommended for the death penalty are charged with "ordering and committing the crime", the Public Prosecutor said.

Top administration officials urged senators Wednesday to keep supporting US involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen, but it was unclear whether their message would dissuade lawmakers who want to punish the kingdom for its role in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The Saudi authorities said Khashoggi died in a "brawl" in its consulate. Saudi Arabia is crucial for that process.

The Crown Prince was received at the airport by Argentina's Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie.

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