New Polling Shows Arizona McSally/Sinema Race Back to a Dead Heat

New Polling Shows Arizona McSally/Sinema Race Back to a Dead Heat

"In recent history, we've had John McCain and Jeff Flake and Republicans who have a strong independent streak, and she's a Democrat with a strong independent streak", Winter told ABC News. There probably won't be an automatic recount but the race is tight enough that one side or the other is going to take this to court. "There are a lot of outstanding ballots - especially those mailed-in - and a lot of reasons to feel good!"

Although Republicans retained control of the Senate during this year's midterm elections, Democrats actually earned about 11 million more votes.

Republican Gov. Doug Ducey was easily re-elected over a challenge from Democrat David Garcia, a college education professor.

Sinema supporters who were among the final few at the watch party held by the Arizona Democratic Party were holding on to hope because of the Maricopa numbers. The GOP notched victories in the Attorney General, Treasurer and Secretary of State races as well.

The picture was more mixed in Congress, where Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick was elected to the Tucson-area swing district seat vacated by McSally. The Senate contest was the marquee race in an election where Republicans appeared poised to sweep most if not all other statewide seats. The fact that most of the seats up for re-election were Democratic made the party more vulnerable to suffer losses, which Sens.

The race is a contest to replace outgoing Republican Senator Jeff Flake, a Trump critic who is despised by most people in his own party and chose to retire instead of running for re-election.

Sinema and her allies in the Democratic Party repeatedly called out McSally for swerving to the right and embracing President Trump - even after McSally handily defeated her hardline rivals Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio in the August primary.

McSally and Sinema have both remade themselves politically. She has tried to rally Republican voters by emphasizing her military background as the first USA female combat pilot while touting her support for the president's tax cut and other parts of his agenda.

Ninety-three percent of Democrats back Sinema, while 85 percent of Republicans support McSally.

McSally also accused Sinema of treason for an offhand comment in a 2002 radio interview with an anti-war talk show host who suggested hypothetically he might join the Taliban. As of Wednesday morning, Republicans have secured 16 and Democrats 13.

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