Nationals, Bryce Harper Remain Open To Future Negotiations

Nationals, Bryce Harper Remain Open To Future Negotiations

With Harper playing a majority of his games in right fielder the last few years, it makes sense that Puig would become expendable if it meant acquiring a player of Harper's caliber.

File this one away in the "Take it for what it's worth" category.

In a story titled "Bryce Harper will sign with the Phillies".

The Nationals offered Harper a new deal on the last day of the final homestand in September, but Harper's camp rejected it. The deal did not include a no-trade clause, per the same report.

"He's shown the type of player he is, and now he's a grizzled veteran, " Rizzo said.

Mike Rizzo says the Nationals are open to more negotiations with Harper in the future, and Scott Boras feels the same.

"Well, certainly, Harper's bazaar has begun", Boras proclaimed.

Harper is expected to garner interest from a multitude of teams, and among them could be the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In order to afford Harper, the Yankees might have to explore the option of dealing Stanton, who has a no-trade clause. And the Nationals, of course, could up-the-ante.

An awesome amount to turn down - as it would be the biggest free-agent deal in terms of total money in the history of the four major sport - but also almost $100 million short of what Harper and agent Scott Boras are seeking. The Nationals wanted to lock up their star, but Harper felt $30 million per year for the next decade wasn't enough money. It may not have been. "It's not happening. He's not going to be a Yankee", the source said. For those of you without a math degree, $35 million per year over a 13-year period would be $455 million.

However, it is becoming more and more clear that the Yankees intend to pass on Harper.

Harper's contract season of 2018 was a mixed bag.

It might not be today, but a recent story strongly suggested that when Bryce Harper does eventually sign a mega-deal this offseason, it will indeed be with Phillies. He's represented the Nationals at six All-Star games in seven seasons and has 184 career home runs.

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