Hillary Clinton jokes about black Democrats: ‘I know they all look alike’

Hillary Clinton jokes about black Democrats: ‘I know they all look alike’

The Democratic Party's losing nominee in 2016 is sending signals that she still wants to be president, although some who are close to her say people are reading too much into her recent comments on the subject.

"I'm not even going to think about it until we get through this November 6 election about what's going to happen after that", she added this Monday.

Ms. Swisher asked, "Are you going to be doing any of that lifting?" Clinton failed to beat current President Donald Trump even though she had the full backing of the DNC, along with the party machinery, and was following on the coattails of a relatively popular Democratic president.

"Simmer down!" former Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill tweeted Monday about the rising speculation of another presidential bid. However, Swisher incorrectly referred to Holder as New Jersey Sen.

Democratic former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, who plans to run for the presidency himself, told MSNBC's Hallie Jackson that Clinton will "never be on the ballot again".

Meanwhile, she and former president Bill Clinton are going on a speaking tour that is now scheduled to wrap up in May 2019.

From the reports of NBC news, Jesse Hunt, who is a spokesman for National Republican Congressional Committee, stated that "The longer a scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton lingers in American politics, the worse off House Democrats will be". While Clinton may desire the White House, her candidacy is questionable, at best. But this isn't the first time that her turn of phrase has ended in scandal for the ex-presidential hopeful. "Yeah, I know they all look alike".

"You know it could happen, but I don't see it right now", he said. "She didn't go to Wisconsin, she didn't go to MI enough; she didn't do what she had to do to win". I'd be very happy with Hillary.

"We have confused our friends and our enemies", she said.

Ms Clinton was defeated in the 2016 presidential election, despite receiving almost three million more votes than Mr Trump - 65,853,514 compared to 62,984,828. She has surely noticed that no one Democratic candidate appears to have yet broken out. Her interviewer, Kara Swisher, pressed the point, and the former secretary of state qualified her remarks. I don't think there's any question about that even among progressives.

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