Didn’t Notice Meghan Markle’s Latest Haircut? That’s Entirely the Point

Didn’t Notice Meghan Markle’s Latest Haircut? That’s Entirely the Point

Prince Phillip and the Queen's first son, Prince Charles, the heir to the throne was ranked 7th, while his wife, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall is in 10th place.

Britain's royal family marked the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended WWI with a special commemoration on Sunday.

It's always a weird and wonderful time when two of your favorite worlds collide, so fans of the royal family and 1920's based Wizarding World spin-off franchises will be excited by the internet's latest discovery. Prince Philip, who retired from many of his public duties in the summer of 2017, did not attend.

Broderick Munro-Wilson says, "She was into boys much quicker than other girls her age".

She must have wound Queen Elizabeth up the wrong way one too many times with her sleeveless dresses, bare legs, and outspoken opinions (all strictly against the unspoken Royal code of conduct) to be isolated to a different balcony. Only known as Melissa, the assistant made a decision to leave her position following a busy couple of months when Harry and Meghan went on their royal tour and announced that they were expecting a baby.

From the survey, it was also discovered that Prince William was the most well-known royal.

In February, Meghan Markle was assigned her first Royal staffer, Amy Pickerill, who was previously working in Prince Harry's press office.

"For example, Camilla has attended a number of State Openings of Parliament over the past few years with Prince Charles, an important role she must prepare for when she becomes Queen Consort".

Many saw this as a royal snub, with the Duchess appearing upset as she stood alongside the German president's wife.

But Markle has been warned her hippie-style birthing plan may be overruled by royal protocol, which states that the baby's safety comes first.

His destiny, however, is to be king, a position he will automatically assume with the death of his 92-year-old mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Melissa wasn't the only staff member to resign this year - royal director of communications Sally Osman left earlier this year, as did the queen's media secretary, Steve Kingstone, and the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall's personal secretary, Mark Leishman, Insider reports. An attitude that may have rubbed off on Kate Middleton and Prince William usually very horse on the instructions of the Queen during their appearances official!

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