Death toll rises to 48 as California Camp Fire rages on

Death toll rises to 48 as California Camp Fire rages on

Most of the fatalities have been reported from the town of Paradise, population 26,000, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains about 130 kilometres north of Sacramento. In some cases, investigators have found only bone fragments. The search for bodies continued Monday.

The Butte County Sheriff's Office has identified four of the victims, publicly naming three. Officials say the number of victims is expected to rise, as 200 people are still unaccounted for, and the largest fires are only partially contained. "I know we do not know each other, but I love you".

Betsy Ann Cowley said she was away on vacation when she received an email from her electric company, PG&E, asking permission to check some high-power lines because of a "problem with sparks".

Do they know what caused the fires?

Melissa Schuster, a member of the Paradise town council, told ABC News that the entire town "is a toxic wasteland right now".

Tad Teays awaited word on his 90-year-old dementia-stricken mother.

Bush said Thursday was her day off, so she planned to sleep in and do some chores around the house.

"Did they make it in their auto?" On Monday, she asked on Twitter for someone to take over the posts, saying she is "so emotionally and mentally exhausted". "I am grateful for all I have left", Cyrus added.

The blaze was part of an outbreak of wildfires on both ends of the state.

In northern California, the death toll from the Camp Fire reached 46 after more human remains were recovered, Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said.

Almost 150,000 people have been evacuated due to the fires, California Gov.

Greg Gibson came to the shelter for information about his neighbors.

This N That, a consignment store in Paradise, is overrun by flames.

Gaga thanked the firefighters who were working tirelessly to keep the fires at bay. Downed power lines that had blocked roads were cut away, and crews took down burned trees with chain saws.

Before the Paradise tragedy, the deadliest single fire on record in California was a 1933 blaze in Griffith Park in Los Angeles that killed 29. The Butte County town has been all but wiped clean off the map by a fire that's claimed an estimated 6,700 homes and structures, some of which belonged to the emergency responders who were fighting to evacuate the town and get residents to safety. "He would want to be remembered for being a San Franciscan through and through".

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