D&G cancels Shanghai show after chopsticks ad backfires:The Asahi Shimbun

D&G cancels Shanghai show after chopsticks ad backfires:The Asahi Shimbun

The brand has faced widespread criticism over its ad campaign.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana released the video on Facebook, apologising for the ad which resulted in the cancellation of the brand's show in China on Wednesday. The brand said in social media posts that its account and that of Gabbana had been hacked.

Chinese netizens called out the fashion brand and models and celebrities like Zhang Ziyi, Chen Kun and singer Karry Wang Junkai, who announced they would not attend the D&G fashion show scheduled in Shanghai on Wednesday night.

She also posted the following image, which translates to "you dropped your shit, I'm returning it to you", according to Shanghaiist. A narrator instructs the woman on how to use chopsticks properly while also mispronouncing Dolce & Gabbana's name - perhaps as a way to mock how Chinese people pronounce foreign words.

Chinese customers account for over a third of all luxury purchases, with younger buyers in particular attracted by branded goods and willing to splurge on shopping trips overseas, or increasingly, within China. "At the same time, we will do our utmost to understand and respect Chinese culture more", before they said "sorry" again in Chinese to end the video.

It's the latest backlash against a Western company's marketing in China, whose consumers spent more than US$100 billion on luxury purchases previous year - nearly a third of the global total - and are no longer willing to tolerate campaigns perceived as patronizing or disrespectful.

Just as Dolce & Gabbana prepared to mount their heavily anticipated The Great Show in Shanghai last night, attendees were informed the event would no longer be going ahead. A major fashion show in Shanghai was cancelled, e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and JD.com took down numerous company's pages, and fashionistas around the world were appalled. Both companies didn't respond immediately to requests for comment. In their apology clip, the designers didn't repeat an earlier allegation that their Instagram accounts were hacked. Many people found it offensive but it actually gained momentum after it was flagged by a popular Instagram account, Diet Prada.

In September, Tommy Hilfiger brought its #TommyNow extravaganza to Shanghai; in December, Coach is planning its 15th anniversary pre-fall show in Shanghai's picturesque Bund area, demonstrating that the brands want to cater increasingly to local tastes.

"We have nothing but respect for China and the people of China", the company said. In one video, the model struggles to pick up a cannolo with chopsticks, only to have the voiceover ask, "Is it too huge for you?"

The videos, still available on the label's Instagram, was heavily criticised on Chinese social media platform Weibo and was subsequently taken down from the website within 24 hours.

The messages, allegedly written by Stefano, include insults where he refers to China as "Ignorant Dirty Smelling Mafia" and "the country of (poo emojis)".

The multi million euro event, which has taken months to plan, was unceremoniously canceled after a backlash to a series of D&G ads of which users accused the Italian brand of harbouring Chinese stereotypes.

Later on, they apologised specifically to their Chinese followers on the brand's Weibo channel.

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