Colossal Australian Cow Wows Internet, Saved from Slaughter

Colossal Australian Cow Wows Internet, Saved from Slaughter

Friends, gather round. We'd like you to look at this really big cow (OK, steer) named Knickers, who is six feet, three inches tall and now dwarfing his peers on a farm in Western Australia.

The seven-year-old cow, named Knickers, stands at 194 centimetres tall and weighing a whopping 1400 kilograms - in other words, 1.4 tonnes. Bulls usually stand over 180 centimeters tall and weigh over 2,200 pounds. It's OK; take your time.

"We have a high turnover of cattle and he was lucky enough to stay behind", said Pearson.

Giant cattle are not usually found among the internet's stars but seven-year-old Knickers has found viral fame due to his extraordinary size.

"He was always a standout steer from the others, a bit bigger than the rest", Pearson told the BBC.

Social media users expressed their delight at the black-and-white Holstein Friesian, who towers above his contemporaries in Western Australia at 6ft 4in.

The farmer said the cow has been put to work since being saved from the dinner table, leading and coaching other cattle.

Mr Pearson explained that Knickers" name came about because of his close friend "Bra', a Brahman steer.

Knickers might have a case to be eventually declared Australia's biggest steer, but he's a relative small fry compared to Bellino, a Chianina ox in Italy that stands 6 feet, 7 inches, according to Guinness World Records.

That being said, Knickers still is milking this opportunity of fame. If he wants to go for a walk, they follow, if he wants to sit down, they wait around for him to get up'.

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