Barbra Streisand opens up about stage fright on "Carpool Karaoke"

They also discuss Streisand's stage fright, her discussion with Tim Cook over how Siri pronounced her name, and her new anti-Trump album Walls. Or maybe she just likes driving.

Stresiand did confirm that it was Tiffany Haddish who explained to her who Cardi B was, as Haddish had previously said, but it was James Corden who introduced her to Cardi's music.

However, the bulk of her mobile musicianship in the segment is devoted to the tunes she belted out 50 years ago in her Oscar-winning Funny Girl role: "Enough is Enough", "The Way We Were", and "Don't Rain On My Parade".

In fact, Streisand confessed, she had stopped performing for 27 years because her anxiety was too intense.

"I don't get nervous, nervous, but I don't enjoy it", she told Corden. Not only did Babs sing her heart out, but she told a hilarious story about contacting the head of Apple to change the way Siri pronounces her name!

"Every song relates to something about what's going on in these hard times".

Buy Streisand's new album Walls here.

To calm her nerves, Streisand turns to her motto: "Let go and let God". "The only thing I can do is write about it and tweet, people deserve the truth".

"They say there's a first time for everything... can you believe this was my first time singing out loud in a auto?" she revealed.

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