AWS Looks To Space With New Ground Station Cloud Service

AWS Looks To Space With New Ground Station Cloud Service

For example, as fast-moving environmental, geopolitical or news events unfold on the ground, AWS Ground Station customers can downlink current data to any of the 12 AWS ground stations around the world. Traditionally, government organizations or enterprises who have required access to satellite data needed to build or lease ground antennas to communicate with the satellites at significant cost and effort. Ellie Mae will use the breadth and depth of AWS services, including compute, storage, database, serverless, and containers, to develop new ways of delivering the true digital mortgage and simplifying the loan process for its customers and partners.

The bank is also preparing to use AWS's advanced machine learning technologies like Amazon SageMaker to automate tasks related to financial operations and use more analytics capabilities to gain insights into what customers want.

You've heard of SaaS (Software as a Service), now say hello to GSaaS - Ground Stations as a Service - courtesy of Amazon.

AWS' move with Arm is a fascinating one as for years the data centre market has effectively been monopolised by Intel's x86 architecture, accounting for around 95 percent.

"This offering that they're doing is just an extension" of Amazon's cloud service, Spire CEO Peter Platzer told CNBC.

Satellite operators need to get data down from the satellite, process it and then make it available for developers to use in applications.

With this ability, developers can easily add more features like location-based services, replenishment, industrial data processing, alarm and messaging, fix and maintenance, logistics, and more, without writing code, AWS said. "They will be able to ingest data straight into AWS, where they can securely store, analyse and transmit products to their customers without needing to worry about building all of the infrastructure themselves", he added. Their satellite data is used in vehicle navigation and for tracking global incidents where first responders can save people in disaster areas or war zones.

LAS VEGAS-Amazon Web Services is teaming with satellite services provider DigitalGlobe and manufacturer Lockheed Martin on a venture to bring satellite data "down to Earth". Lockheed Martin's satellite receiver is the size of a shoebox, and lets customers have them in multiple locations, to download satellite data whenever required.

AWS also announced a strategic collaboration with Lockheed Martin to integrate the new AWS Ground Station service with the global security and aerospace giant's new "Verge" antenna network. The company will be using Lockheed Martin's low-priced, ground-based antennas to capture satellite data. Lockheed Martin Verge will be available in private beta today for customers with satellites that support S-band frequencies and can downlink in the Denver, Colorado area.

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