Twitter locks Elon Musk's account after weird posts

Twitter locks Elon Musk's account after weird posts

Musk wants to build a tunnel across western Los Angeles and another between a Metro subway line and Dodger Stadium.

Now, the company's founder, Elon Musk, has taken to Twitter to say the tunnel will be open on 10 December and will beginning offering the public free rides the next day.

A lot of details remain unknown, but The Boring Company's ultimate goal is to build a high-speed underground public transportation system known as the Loop. At this speed, the platform takes less than a minute to complete the test track.

"Dec 10 in real time or Elon time?" one Twitter user asked Musk about the test tunnel unveiling. Only then can the company shuttle paying customers.

The tunnel runs about 2 miles under the streets of Hawthorne, where Musk's SpaceX headquarters is located. One of the proposed routes would take passengers from the District to NY in under 30 minutes.

He added the shuttles themselves will have a top speed of 155 miles per hour inside the tunnel, surpassing the results of an earlier electric sled test which reached 125 miles per hour.

Last week, a United States judge approved the settlement between the Securities and Exchange Commission, Tesla Inc and Elon Musk. The tech tycoon seems to have agreed to the thought and replied: "That is correct".

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