Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford at MS rally

Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford at MS rally

"One beer", he said, imitating someone questioning Blasey Ford and a quick response. Trump said, apparently re-enacting Blasey Ford's questioning by a Senate panel as he addressed a campaign rally in Southaven, Mississippi.

"And a man's life is in tatters, a man's life is shattered, his wife is shattered, his daughters - who are lovely, incredible young kids", he said. "This is a very, very - this is a very hard time".

Shortly after Prof Ford's dramatic testimony to the Senate committee last week, Mr Trump said she was "very compelling" and described her as a "very fine woman".

Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress and nemesis of U.S. President Donald Trump, has pulled out of a British reality-TV show at the last minute after a dispute with producers, according to information released Friday Aug. 17, 2018.

Hundreds of protesters rallied on Monday at Boston's City Hall where Senator Jeff Flake was speaking at a conference, their chants audible in the distance as the Arizona Republican was asked about his dramatic decision last week to press for an FBI investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh.

The idea that people in the USA are wrongfully "guilty until proven innocent" is an idea that wasn't manifesting itself politically on the right until last week, GOP pollster Frank Luntz told The Washington Post.

Michael R. Bromwich, one of Ford's lawyers, called it a "a vicious, vile and soulless attack" in a post on Twitter.

The FBI's week-long investigation hits the midway point Wednesday but the bitter war of words over Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation process is escalating at a far more rapid pace.

The White House specifically requested Federal Bureau of Investigation interviews with four people: Kavanaugh high school friends Mark Judge and P.J. Smyth; Leland Keyser, who Dr. Christine Blasey Ford identified as at the gathering where she was assaulted; and Ramirez, who's lawyers provided a list of more than 20 additional witnesses to interview. "I just say it's kind of appalling", Flake said of Trump's comments.

Many Republican senators have said they view the accusations and subsequent questions as desperate delay tactics on the part of Democrats. I don't remember. How many years ago was it? But he said the nomination would be over if it was revealed Kavanaugh had lied to the committee in his testimony.

"If I were one of these red-state Democrats, including but not limited to the three who voted for Justice Gorsuch, Sens".

Flake is one of a handful of moderate Republicans in the Senate whose votes could seal Kavanaugh's fate.

"'I don't know. I don't know.' 'Upstairs?"

"She's always had my back", Trump said. Trump continued in this vein, mocking the gaps in Ford's memory regarding specific details of the assault that allegedly took place some 36 years ago.

Trump's comments at Tuesday night's rally prompted a debate that played out on cable television over whether he had hurt the chances of his nominee.

"We're in the midst of a manufacturing renaissance - something which nobody thought you'd hear", Trump said in a speech to the National Electrical Contractors Association Convention a day after celebrating the new North American trade deal. "I don't remember", he then parroted.

Questions about the scope of the FBI investigation emerged over the weekend amid reports that Senate Republicans were working with the White House to contain the number of witnesses and the allegations to be investigated.

President Trump, as well as his family, have raised fears about the possibility of politically motivated false accusations.

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