Migrants set out again on effort to reach US

Migrants set out again on effort to reach US

President Donald Trump has said that the USA would cut foreign aid to the countries that have failed to stop the caravan, including Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday said it's "inconceivable" to think Middle Eastern people aren't among thousands of Central American migrants moving toward the US.

But four days after crossing into Mexico, the caravan is still more than 3,000 kilometers (1,860 miles) from the U.S. border.

And earlier this year, a caravan of approximately 1,200 people moving toward the US had dwindled to 200 people by the time it reached California. Despite what they've been through, she said there's no turning back, because they've come too far.

Trump and his fellow Republicans have sought to make the caravan and immigration major issues ahead of the midterm elections in which the party is trying to maintain control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The number of migrants who unlawfully entered the USA with a family member spiked in September as Trump cast immigration as a crisis.

Estimates on the size of the group of migrants seeking to come to the USA vary, ranging from 5,000 to over 7,000. They say that over the course of the year, over the course of many years, they have intercepted good and bad people, including people from the Middle East.

Writing in capital letters, he appeared to say he wanted the laws changed but misspelled the word - typing that the laws "must be CHANDED".

Earlier on Tuesday, Customs and Border Patrol announced that apprehensions of people illegally crossing the U.S. -Mexico border rose 30 percent in the last fiscal year.

"From them we learn to value what they do not have".

It was clear, though, that more migrants were continuing to join the caravan.

"Little by little, we are going to arrive", said Luis Alberto Adalberto, 21, one of the migrants.

CNN reported that the extra troops would likely assist U.S. Border Patrol and provide "fencing, wall materials, and other technical support at key points along the border where it is believed the migrants may try to cross".

Asked if he was implying there were terrorists in the caravan, Trump said, "There could very well be".

He has also announced the USA would start cutting aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Thousands of Central American migrants renewed their march to the United States on Wednesday, setting out before dawn with more than 1,000 miles still before them.

Yet even as he ramps up his criticism and alarm, the men and women heading north from Central America hope that Trump - or God - will help them.

While Trump has sought to blame Democrats for undocumented immigration, such as the caravan, he has been unable to pass immigration reform legislation during his almost two years in office despite Republicans holding the Senate and the House of Representatives. "The Democrats just won't allow legislation to be passed", said the President.

"We are exhausted, but very happy, we are united and strong", he said.

The caravan is resting today out of respect for a Honduran migrant who fell from a vehicle yesterday and died.

"It is the responsibility of the driver, but it is very risky, and there you have the consequences", Mexican federal police officer Miguel Angel Dominguez said, pointing to a puddle of blood around the man's head.

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