Caravan Forced Back at Mexican Border

Caravan Forced Back at Mexican Border

TECUN UMAN, Guatemala-A caravan of 3,000 Honduran migrants that has drawn the ire of U.S. President Trump began to mass near Guatemala's border with Mexico, setting up a showdown with Mexican authorities who have vowed to prevent the group from continuing their journey to the U.S.

Officials from the USA and Mexico agreed on a plan of action in response to the approaching horde after President Trump threatened via Twitter to not only cut foreign aid funding, but to deploy the military to close the southern border as well. "There's no reason to give them greater transcendence or importance", Videgaray said from the United Nations where he sought the world body's help processing asylum requests from the migrants.

But experts on refugees say those moves are unlikely to stop this caravan or stem future ones, since the migrants are primarily driven by conditions in their home countries, not US policy.

Federal law prohibits military personnel from conducting law enforcement duties on US soil, with exceptions for military bases and related properties. "We are not going to attend to the issue only with deportations or means of force".

US and Mexican officials have agreed on a plan to handle the Honduran migrant caravan - estimated to contain between 1,000 and 4,000 people - approaching the US-Mexico border.

In April, Mexican immigration officials had some success in dispersing a smaller caravan by processing many who chose to seek refugee status in Mexico, but some did continue on to the USA border.

In Mexico City, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said after meeting his Mexican counterpart that migration across the two countries' border is reaching "a moment of crisis".

"If that doesn't work out, we're calling up the military -not the (National) Guard - we're calling up the military", he told reporters. Some hope to eventually enter the United States to escape violence and poverty.

"We'll continue this operation for as long as is necessary", MrHernandez said in a post on Twitter. Mexico reportedly responded by sending police to its own southern border to stop the caravan from coming through after the threat was made.

Late on Thursday, Trump retweeted a video of Mexican federal police arriving at the Guatemalan border and wrote: "Thank you Mexico, we look forward to working with you!"

Waving Honduran flags and carrying umbrellas to protect against the sun, the migrants arrived earlier at the Guatemalan side of the muddy Suchiate River that divides the country from Mexico, noisily demanding they be let in.

The president has repeatedly claimed that the migrants, and immigrants more broadly, lead to increased crime rates and allow illegal substances to pass over the border, although statistics suggest they do not. I tell you what, this country doesn't want them.

But Marcelo Ebrard, who has been picked as Mexico's next foreign minister, downplayed the comments and said Trump was appealing to his domestic political base.

Irineo Mújica's organization, Pueblo sin Fronteras or People without Borders, said he was detained during a peaceful march.

The agency said camera operators monitoring movement on Thursday afternoon along the US-Mexico border in the Yuma area captured images of a large number of people being dropped over the border wall east of the San Luis Port of Entry.

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