Trump urges inquiry into anonymous New York Times editorial

Trump urges inquiry into anonymous New York Times editorial

Amid the reaction, a lot of ideas are being thrown out, including one from Sen.

"The has been in this fight before, and they have taken aggressive positions to protect that source relationship", said Theresa House, who specializes in First Amendment and media law for Arnold & Portner in NY, told Variety. The rate of leaks was seven times higher compared to the same period in the presidencies of Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Meanwhile, a number of senior officials have denied being the anonymous writer, including vice president Mike Pence, secretary of state Mike Pompeo, defence secretary Jim Mattis and director of national intelligence Dan Coats.

Trump, for his part, said that "unelected, Deep State operatives who defy the voters to push their own secret agendas are truly a threat to democracy itself".

Carlson found the notion that staffers would try to sabotage an elected official's policies downright anti-democratic.

President Donald Trump also said he was considering taking action against the Times, whose shares moved briefly lower after his comments were made public.

Since its publication, the piece has caused many to question who this senior official is, and the speculation has prompted countless officials, now including Hassett, to deny having authored the piece. And you know it would be very hard for them to do that and then all of a sudden it is found out that it is them.

Trump's claim, for example, that he would never have used the word "retarded" to describe Sessions was quickly undermined by recordings showing he had used the term several times in the past. And he was right that he does not get enough credit for the strong economy.

Democrats were quick to condemn the president's call for a federal investigation. Pundits were demonstrably unperturbed at having to rely once again on an anonymous source.

Like the anonymous author, I support Trump's commitment to deregulation and increasing military spending.

Still, I believe that there are people in the administration toiling to protect the president from himself and the country from the president's worst impulses. "They are the only ones complicit in this deceitful act".

In an interview with Fox News broadcast on Friday, Trump blasted the newspaper for printing the op-ed, which said cabinet members had even considered declaring Trump unfit to lead and beginning the process of ousting him via an amendment to the Constitution.

"In March 2017, Paul said that the federal government should employ the method to ascertain who leaked the transcripts of former national security adviser Michael Flynn's conversations with the USA ambassador".

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