Trump on Israeli-Palestinian conflict: 'I like two-state solution'

Trump on Israeli-Palestinian conflict: 'I like two-state solution'

Trump did not provide any evidence for the allegation. China's foreign minister issued a statement disputing Trump, saying, "We do not and will not interfere".

Donald Trump has accused China of attempting to "interfere" in the USA midterm elections because they don't want him to win. A Chinese official said China can not hold talks on ending the trade dispute while the USA "holds a knife" to Beijing's neck by imposing tariff hikes.

The United States and China are embroiled in a trade war, sparked by Trump's accusations that Beijing has long sought to steal U.S. intellectual property, limit access to its own market and unfairly subsidise state-owned companies.

USA intelligence agency conclusions that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 United States presidential vote have hung over Trump's presidency. But with the elections less than two months away, US intelligence and election-protection officials have not cited any specific, credible Chinese efforts. This summer, reports also emerged that Russia's GRU intelligence agency, with an eye on the upcoming US elections, had attempted to hack accounts related to the re-election campaign of Sen.

While Trump did not give any specifics about alleged interference, he seemed to referring back to a point he made in a tweet earlier this month when he accused China of "actively trying to impact and change our election by attacking our farmers, ranchers and industrial workers due to their loyalty to me". Recently, Trump also tweeted that the Chinese government's tariffs are meant to "impact and change our election" by "attacking our farmers, ranchers, and industrial workers".

Trump also said Wednesday he expects his administration will release its Israeli-Palestinian peace plan proposal in the next two to four months. Since Trump became president in January 2017 and said he was open to a one-state or two-state solution, Netanyahu has avoided explicitly backing the idea of Palestinian statehood.

"Any individual or entity who fails to comply with these sanctions will face severe consequences", the president told representatives at the Security Council meeting.

While he thanked the trinity for "substantially slowing down their attack on Idlib province", he warned: "Get the terrorists, but I hope the restraint continues".

From there, the president turned his attention to China.

"In my remarks yesterday to the United Nations General Assembly, I laid out my administration's commitment to building a more just and peaceful future", Trump said.

Each imposed tariff increases on the other's goods Monday, and Beijing accused the Trump administration of bullying. But in that speech, too, he also called out China for its economic practices.

"Kim Jong-un, a man I have gotten to know and like, wants peace and prosperity for North Korea", Trump said.

"Those days are over, we will no longer tolerate such abuse", Trump said.

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