Now is the time to prepare for Hurricane Florence

Now is the time to prepare for Hurricane Florence

Isaac, which the NHC called a small hurricane, was about 1,090 miles east of the Lesser Antilles - a region still recovering from last year's powerful Hurricane Maria - with maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour.

Hurricane and Storm Surge Watches will be issued on Tuesday as the storm is expected to head toward the southeastern US, potentially making landfall, still as a category 4 hurricane, Thursday afternoon or night.

On Sunday, Florence reached sustained winds of at least 74 miles per hour to be classified a hurricane.

Duke officials are closely monitoring forecasts for Hurricane Florence, which is on its way to becoming one of the strongest storms to hit the Southeast coast, according the Weather Channel.

Mandatory evacuations have been issued for parts of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia, including the entire coast of South Carolina.

The governors of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia have declared emergencies.

This isn't some guy on the internet sounding the alarm, this is our elected officials telling us that an incredibly risky hurricane is on its way, likely to the Carolinas.

According to the 6 a.m. NWS briefing there is an "increasing risk of life threatening impacts, including storm surge and inland flooding".

Next is a different look at the hurricane's projected path. Keep in mind that this map has an interactive component that you can view here.

- Both North and SC are under states of emergency as Hurricane Florence looks to strike the Carolina coast. It was picking up speed over the Atlantic's warm waters, causing concerns about landfall and flooding from heavy rains afterward, possibly late Thursday or Friday.

Virginia's emergency operations chief, Jeffrey Stern, told reporters that residents should brace for "something that no one in Virginia has experienced in their lifetimes".

Earlier Monday, coastal communities in North Carolina ordered evacuations, and SC ordered evacuations for its entire coastline. "They know where to go to stay high and dry and are probably in better shape right now than most of us humans who are scrambling with final preparations. Whipping out store shelves of water and other supplies".

"There is still time to prepare but the window to do so is starting to close", he said.

The State of Emergency Response Team, which includes the Emergency Management, State Highway Patrol and North Carolina National Guard, are ready to deploy.

There have been many years when multiple tropical cyclones develop in succession like a tropical Congo line dancing across the Atlantic Ocean.

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