Jean Grey Turns Against the X-Men in Dark Phoenix Trailer

Jean Grey Turns Against the X-Men in Dark Phoenix Trailer

In X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the latest offering in the tumultuous X-Men franchise, reunites some of the biggest stars for an explosive, action-packed epic tale of psychic mutant Jean Grey - played by Turner - and her descent into darkness.

It's been a bumpy few days for Dark Phoenix: after the trailer was reportedly shown in Russian Federation, a low-quality version soon leaked online.

Helping fuel some of the anticipation has been the shuffle in the movie's release schedule from November to February of next year. Maybe. It's a bit early to judge from a first teaser which is probably holding a bunch of stuff back, but this is hitting far too many beats from X-Men: The Last Stand for my liking, instead of embracing the cosmic aspects of the Dark Phoenix Saga.

Fox released the trailer for its latest X-Men film on Wednesday night, following Turner's interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

We will have a more thorough breakdown of the trailer later, but for now, I have to say that looks like it could be promising. The dark power inside her has become a threat to her own self and is a danger to X-Men.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Jean
Dark Phoenix Trailer: The X-Men's Latest Nemesis Is Within Their Own Ranks

One of the most popular theories floating around is that she is playing a gender-swapped version of the X-Men villain Mastermind, who messed with Jean's head in the Dark Phoenix comics. However, we do know for certain at least two things: the identities of Magneto's two new allies.

The plot of the film centres on Jean as she struggles to control her powers following a space mission gone wrong.

Fox is taking their second shot at bringing the Dark Phoenix character to life, and this time, it looks like they got it right.

What's the evidence? Well, there's not a ton of Lawrence in the trailer and she's one of the most in-demand actresses working today, so it would make sense if she had a minor but key role in the film.

And I mean, does the modern superhero news cycle really have room for a Phoenix that isn't Joaquin?

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