Couple raised £308,000 for a homeless man ordered to pay up

Couple raised £308,000 for a homeless man ordered to pay up

- A couple who raised more than $400,000 for a homeless man after he used his last $20 to fill up the gas tank of a stranded motorist in Philadelphia must now turn over what's left of the cash.

A judge on Thursday ordered a New Jersey couple who raised more than $400,000 for a homeless man online to transfer the money to the court after they refused to give it to the man in one lump sum.

A homeless man in New Jersey claims that a couple who set up a GoFundMe campaign for him hasn't given him all of the money, and is mismanaging the funds they raised, and he's suing them for the money.

They deny the claims, saying they gave him some cash and bought him a truck and a camper. D'Amico and McClure said it's because of Bobbitt's addiction; Bobbitt said it's because they were withholding money and information from him.

The lawyer was directed to place the funds into an escrow account as the case continues, the report said.

McClure and D'Amico raised almost $403,000 on GoFundMe starting late a year ago to buy Bobbitt, among other things, his own home and "dream" truck: a 1999 Ford Ranger.

Badway said that Bobbitt's attorneys have "done a great disservice to their client" because numerous thousands who donated to the fund have requested their money back. In response, McClure and her boyfriend Mark D'Amico set up a GoFundMe out of gratitude. According to the BBC, Bobbitt's lawyers alleged the couple only spent $75,000 helping him, while the couples' lawyer said there's only $150,000 left.

Johnny Bobbitt spent his last $20 on gas for Kate McClure when she was stuck on I-95 in Kensington a year ago.

"What I would say to those people is thank you for your generosity", Fallon said outside court, "and we'll work hard to make sure that that money gets spent the way you all wanted it spent". She also granted a request made by Bobbitt's attorneys to prohibit the couple from using the money for "any purposes other than to directly benefit Bobbitt".

The couple also bought Mr Bobbitt a camper van with some of the funds and parked it on land Ms McClure's family owns in Florence.

"From what I can see, the GoFundMe account raised $402,000 and GoFundMe charged a fee of approximately $30,000".

However, Bobbitt is said to be a substance abuser.

Katie McClure (R), and McClure's boyfriend Mark D'Amico. Some of the money GoFundMe donors gave to him ended up in the pockets of drug dealers, Bobbitt told the Inquirer.

"I had to ask them for everything in the beginning".

The pair denied Bobbitt's allegations, claiming the money already given to him was spent on drugs, overdue legal bills and dispersed to his family members.

According to them, the homeless veteran had blown a hefty $25,000 (£19,249) within the first two weeks.

"Every dollar he ever touched was used for drugs", D'Amico told NBC's Megyn Kelly.

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