Coca-Cola may begin making Cannabis Drinks soon

Coca-Cola may begin making Cannabis Drinks soon

Coke's interest was first reported by Bloomberg, which said the company was in talks with Aurora Cannabis, a Canadian cannabis company.

Coke says it is "closely watching" the growth of drinks infused with cannabidiol, or CBD. The drinks would aim to relieve pain with CBD rather than give the "high" associated with inhaling marijuana. "The space is evolving quickly".

Regardless, if Coca-Cola decides to make a CBD-infused beverage, it could become hugely profitable at a time when Americans are trying to cut back on sugar and embrace "natural" cures.

A source close to the negotiations between the companies said: 'They're pretty advanced down the path of doing a deal.

Coca-Cola's statement shows the company has learned from its past missteps picking up on new drink trends, said Ali Dibadj, a senior analyst at AllianceBernstein with an expertise in USA beverage and snack food companies. Molson Coors Brewing has a deal with a Canadian company to develop cannabis drinks in Canada.

Bloomberg says that the multi-national corporation is in talks with Aurora Cannabis to develop a beverage infused with CBD. And the company is interested enough in selling CBD beverages that it also held talks with Aphria, another Canadian marijuana producer about two months ago, insiders told Bloomberg, although those negotiations apparently fell apart at some point.

The company is the world's largest beverage maker, responsible for 1.9 billion of the 60 billion beverage servings every day.

'It's going to be more of the "recovery drink" category'.

Both Coke and Aurora's shares on the NY stock market increased with the news, despite reports stating there was no guarantee talks between the companies would be successful.

Canada is an obvious major market for a new wave of commercially produced drinks, given that recreational cannabis use is set to be legalised on 17 October.

Coca-Cola already has been diversifying as consumption of soda continues to decline.

In June, America's medicines regulator approved Epidiolex, a British-made epilepsy treatment that contains cannabidiol.

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