Airstrike near US base in southeastern Syria kills 8 pro-Assad fighters

Airstrike near US base in southeastern Syria kills 8 pro-Assad fighters

The President's warning comes just days after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a similar warning to Russia's foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, saying an attack on Idlib was something that Syria and Russian Federation "agreed not to permit", and that the USA "sees this as an escalation of an already unsafe conflict".

He did not release a timeframe and did not comment on reports that Russian warplanes had carried out airstrikes on Idlib earlier Tuesday.

Activists in Syria say several air strikes have hit a village in the country's northwestern province of Idlib, killing at least two people, as expectations mount of a government offensive to retake the rebel stronghold.

Assad has sworn to recapture every inch of Syria and has made big gains against rebels since Russian Federation joined the war effort in 2015.

Peskov also said the situation in and around Idlib Province will be a main item on the agenda when President Vladimir Putin meets in Tehran on September 7 with the leaders Iran and Turkey.

The official in the regional pro-Assad alliance had said the blasts were caused by Israeli missile fire from across the Golan Heights frontier between the two countries and by Syrian air defenses responding.

"Hundreds of thousands of people could be killed", wrote President Trump.

Ahead of the Idlib assault, Turkey has stepped up efforts to negotiate with Russian Federation and Iran to separate out and protect the rebel groups it backs, media have reported.

Half of Idlib's population are displaced people, bused to the northwestern province from former rebel areas across the country. "Don't let that happen!" he added.

Assad and Zarif said Western pressure on Tehran and Damascus will fail to deter them from fighting terrorism.

President Donald Trump on Monday sent a tweet warning the Syrian government and its allies against a "reckless attack" on Idlib, drawing fire from Moscow.

"Russia seeks to ensure not just the regime's military victory in Syria but its full political restoration through global re-legitimation at war's end".

It has also pledged to prevent Iran from entrenching itself militarily in Syria, and a series of strikes that have killed Iranians in Syria have been attributed to Israel.

The Syrian government has blamed Israel for previous attacks on the airport.

The summit meeting is in line with the continuation of the Astana talks aimed at bringing an end to the conflict in Syria.

"Time is of the essence", he said.

While he quickly backed away from talk of an immediate withdrawal, his underlying determination to leave Syria's seven-year war as soon as possible seems unchanged.

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