Google Play notifies gamers ’Fortnite’ not available on Play Store

Google Play notifies gamers ’Fortnite’ not available on Play Store

But when the game opens up to all Android devices in the coming days, gamers won't find the app in the official Google Play Store. The game will appear in the Samsung Game Launcher and in the Galaxy Apps store.

Malicious developers have already been targeting Android users looking to download Fortnite.

Epic confirmed to GameSpot that Android users will not be able to download Fortnite on their devices from Google's digital store, but rather through its own service. Well, now Google is making it extra-clear that you can't download Fortnite with a bespoke message in mobile search results. There's only one title (Battle Breakers), and it's not available yet.

This stands in contrast to the iOS version of Fortnite, which is available to download right from Apple's App Store. However, the millions of kids who just want to play the latest and greatest game probably aren't aware of that.

It's possible Epic Games will eventually decide to add Fortnite to the Play Store. That 30 percent revenue cut is the same for Google Play. Here's what you need to have in place to get in on that even if you are using an Essential Phone or OnePlus 6, the two other devices capable of running Android 9 Pie at this time. Fortnite Android is one of - if not the - most talked about apps available today, and the battle royale trend has been around for a while.

So in reality, Fortnite still isn't available to everyone, but that could be Epic Games trying to manage the load on its servers get the players in gradually without ruining the gaming experience for the existing users.

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