President Trump: NATO Allies Should 2X Defense Spending Targets

President Trump: NATO Allies Should 2X Defense Spending Targets

Trump should take up Warsaw on this offer.

Donnelly flatly says the USA isn't doing enough to guard against the election interference effort intelligence agencies have warned remains ongoing.

Now, let's pick this all apart and try to make sense of it. Trump's betrayal of the American intelligence services was a natural and necessary part of his campaign to discredit them, because he fears that they have or will discover evidence that links him to the Russian intervention in the US election.

Carlson questioned why the USA should have to defend Montenegro, as required by Article 5 of the NATO treaty.

The situation is so dire that French President Emmanuel Macron, who at the start of Trump's job claimed he would not allow the United States to be isolated, is now in the front line of opposition against Trump.

However, Trump was so fixated during the press conference on domestic USA politics and his own personal obsession with his election win that there was no mention either of Putin's points or of any of the more significant security issues that could have been on the table.

In addition, trump once again stressed the need for countries-members of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to increase defense spending.

Trump can further argue that Germany's actions beyond its inadequate defense spending have necessitated this move. While trump called Montenegrins "very aggressive". Such missiles are right on Poland's border, and the Poles have yet to fold.

In a rebuke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he also called Germany a "captive" of Moscow because, he said, Berlin supported a Baltic Sea gas pipeline from Russian Federation.

He also had to backtrack on his claim that the United States was to blame for the heightened tension with Russian Federation, tweeting that "We're all to blame" and that he held "both countries responsible".

Only 37 percent of respondents said they believed Europe depended on USA military help, the Forsa poll showed. "I think some of the statements the president made, statements which he has been trying to correct since the meeting in Helsinki, those statements have caused problems within the American government".

"Our relationship with Russian Federation has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of US foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt!" The Polish government has offered up to $2 billion to cover most of the costs of building such a base and supporting USA troops in Poland, declaring it is committed "to share the burden of defense spending [and] make the decision more cost-effective for the US government". But the mass demonstrations in London showed well that even London is not a good place for an adventurer like Trump. When Trump spoke in Warsaw previous year, his speech was repeatedly interrupted by chants of "Donald Trump!"

During his visit to Brussels where the NATO Summit was held and also in Britain, Donald Trump constantly tried to stabilise himself in a position with a bunch of non-diplomatic and humiliating statements. Within a day he had been forced to admit, for the first time, that there had indeed been Russian meddling in the USA election process in 2016.

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