Erdogan claims victory in Turkish elections

Erdogan claims victory in Turkish elections

Spokesman Bulent Tezcan of the Republican People's Party criticised Turkey's state-run news agency for reporting that Mr Erdogan has won enough to avoid a run-off and accused the agency of distorting the results.

"According to these. I have been entrusted by the nation with the task and duties of the presidency", Erdogan said at his Istanbul residence.

The president told crowds in Ankara in the early hours of Monday morning: "This election's victor is democracy, this election's victory is national will". Demirtas said his party's loss would mean "a loss for all of Turkey".

As with other USA allies and NATO, Turkey's relations with Washington have been strained by Erdogan's insistence on going his own way, especially on relations with Russian Federation and on policy in Syria. There will be less bureaucracy and more investments.

"Let this immorality be an example to the world", said Ince, who said he had held 107 rallies around Turkey in the 51 days since his candidacy was announced.

"I hope nobody will try to cast a shadow on the results and harm democracy in order to hide their own failure", Erdogan said in his speech.

Kurds make up about 18 percent of Turkey's 78 million people, mostly in eastern regions, and are expected to play a key role in deciding the outcome of the parliamentary elections.

Global election monitors said the election allowed voters a "genuine choice" but decried the lack of "equal" conditions for candidates to campaign.

Erdogan is now Turkey's first president under the new presidential system of government, which was chosen by Turkish voters in an April 2017 referendum.

The new system abolishes the post of prime minister and the president becomes the head of both state and government.

In the new era, the presidential office will have the power to appoint vice presidents, ministers, high-level officials and senior judges.

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci also congratulated Mr Erdogan in a tweet, adding: "Looking forward to our continued good cooperation".

Instead, he insisted the "loser" of the elections was the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) as votes fell, neglecting to comment on the CHP's vote fall too. The unicameral legislature has 600 seats in total.

"We're working to set up a call between the president and the president of Turkey to reaffirm our strong bond", she said.

But some voters of the main opposition, CHP, supported the HDP, after receiving the message from the party's chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu, that the HDP should pass the threshold to gain seats in parliament so as to reduce the number of AK Party's seats.

Erdogan and his AK Party have increased their vote share in the region during the past three years. "That 10 percent apparently came from his ally, MHP", Mustafa Akyol, a Turkish columnist and analyst, told Al Jazeera.

Results with 98 percent of the votes counted showed Erdogan's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) garnered 42.4 percent of the votes and its ally the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) obtained almost 11.2 percent, when combined, enough to ensure a parliamentary majority.

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