Cousins becomes 5th All-Star on Warriors’ roster

Cousins becomes 5th All-Star on Warriors’ roster

It's also a move that can't please the National Basketball Association, which has already been shaken by the circumstances that allowed a 73-win Warriors team to add Kevin Durant through free agency in 2016.

By reportedly getting former Pelicans centre DeMarcus Cousins to agree Monday to a one-year deal for a mere US$5.3 million, the insanely rich got obscenely richer. Last season, he showed flashes of his all-around versatility and brilliance, averaging a career-high 5 assists per game while extending his range to the three-point line where he shot 35%.

A healthy Cousins in the lineup would nearly certainly mean the Warriors improve on last year's performance, too, which included 58 regular-season wins and their second straight title that was capped with a sweep of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Which means they now have five players from last year's NBA All-Star Game on the same team that won last year's championship, and the one.

For one, he's a big man recovering from perhaps the worst injury an National Basketball Association player can have - a torn Achilles.

There were a number of teams who had a "No Cousins" policy before DeMarcus Cousins tore his Achilles and he approached free agency. Clearly, Cousins didn't regard those exploratory talks as a real offer. It's unclear when Cousins will return, if he'll return at all this season.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Warriors would be the first team since Boston in 1975-76 to play five All-Stars from the previous season at the same time.

The Celtics, who will still have one open roster spot even if they bring back guard Marcus Smart - as they are expected to - could have offered Cousins all or part of their mid-level exception.

Several members of the Warriors had smiles on their faces during and after a 79-68 win over the Miami Heat on Monday night in the House that Cousins Built.

They've had success with assimilating players with bad reputations and given Cousins' already strong relationship with this team's core dating back to their Team USA days, it doesn't seem to be something overly concerning.

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