Community wants justice for man killed in 'Stand Your Ground' shooting

Community wants justice for man killed in 'Stand Your Ground' shooting

As Jacobs stepped out of the auto, McGlockton came out of the store and shoved Drejka to the ground. It began with a fight over a parking spot at a convenience store in Clearwater. "I need justice", Jacobs said.

The Tampa Bay Times reported interviewing Rick Kelly, 31, who said that two months ago he was at the store and parked in the same handicapped spot.

Surveillance video showed Drejka moments later being approached by Markeis McGlockton, Jacob's 28-year-old boyfriend, who was inside of the store shopping with their son, Markeis McGlockton Jr., 5. The father of three died a short time later.

Drejka is a legal concealed weapon permit holder and will not be charged because of Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

"Im not saying I agree with it, but I dont make that call", Gualtieri said Friday. Their five-year-old son saw him, and has reportedly been "not too good" since his father was killed.

On Thursday shortly after 3 p.m., Michael Drejka, 47, got into a shouting match with a woman named Britany Jacobs who sat inside a vehicle parked at a handicapped spot outside of a small food store in Clearwater, Florida, a city less than 30 miles from Tampa, Gualtieri said. "Witnesses told detectives that Drejka was on the ground when he took out a handgun and fired one single round at McGlockton striking him in the chest", police said in a statement.

Surveillance video of the shooting and the word of the shooter are why Sheriff Gualtieri decided he would not be making an arrest in this case.

"He told deputies that he had to shoot to defend himself". He says prosecutors could still charge the shooter but Gualtieri's comments might make that hard. Then, in an expansive 30-minute news conference, he tried to explain how the law connected to what was going through Drejka's mind when he pulled the trigger.

You may recall the Stand Your Ground law was changed a year ago.

The shooter is protected from arrest under the "Stand Your Ground" law and on Saturday, people gathered at the scene of the shooting to protest the Florida law.

It's also the same thing that Michael Drejka was upset about Thursday when he was yelling at a woman in the parking lot. "That pause gives me some concern".

Gualtieri said the "stand your ground" law is clear and subjective and that this incident "is within the bookends" of the self-defense law, which was recently modified.

In legal cases, the defense had been required to prove a case of "stand your ground" - until past year, when it was changed to put the burden of proof on the prosecution.

"Before Stand Your Ground, a case like this probably would have a different outcome". He left his girlfriend, Brittany Jacobs, and several children in the auto, where Drejka was nearby. Jacobs said before breaking down into tears.

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