‘Incredibles 2’ Breaks Box Office Records, but Comes With a Health Warning

‘Incredibles 2’ Breaks Box Office Records, but Comes With a Health Warning

The film did not just break the previously held record for the opening collection by an animated feature, Incredibles 2 obliterated it. Pixar's own Finding Dory, a sequel to Finding Nemo, had opened at 135 million dollars in 2016.

"Incredibles 2" comes 14 years after "The Incredibles" and picks up right where the first film left off with the superhero family.

The early reviews have also been fantastic, scoring a very healthy 94% on Rotten Tomatoes from the U.S. critics. She wrote how excited her family had been for months to see the movie about a family of superheroes.

The Incredibles 2 is officially a box office superhero. The new Pixar movie also broke another record: the eighth-largest domestic opening weekend, ever.

The films still couldn't surpass the "Ocean's 8" second weekend which closed out with $19.5 million for the second biggest grab this weekend. Disney has had three movies open north of $175 million this year alone, counting "Avengers: Infinity War" ($257.7 million) and "Black Panther" ($202 million).

Overseas, "Incredibles 2" managed to pull in $51.5 million, where its only available in 26% of the worldwide market so far, bringing the global total to $231.5 million. Directed by Gary Ross and starring Sandra Bullock among others, "Ocean's 8" follows a group of women, led by Debbie Ocean, who plan on robbing the Met Gala in NY.

Sony's "Superfly" remake landed in seventh place in its first weekend with $6.3 million, and Vertical Entertainment's "Gotti", starring John Travolta, opened outside of the top 10. The Warner Bros. pic is sitting at a 57% Rotten Tomatoes rating with a B+ CinemaScore. "Solo" has earned only $183 million domestically, while "Deadpool 2" has knocked it out of the park with $285 million and a global $665 million.

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